TCA AGM Minutes 12th of March 2012

Meeting held in Burnie, 12th of March 2012, after the Tasmanian Championships

Meeting Opened:

12:20 pm


  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • David Hughes (Treasurer),
  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC),
  • Neil Markovitz (HICC),
  • Russell Horton,
  • Denis Mc Mahon


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Lawrence Bretag (Vice-President),
  • Mellissa Harvey (Junior Chess)

Russell Horton was elected unopposed to chair the meeting in the absence of both President and Vice-President.


Minutes of the previous meeting of June 2011 were confirmed.


None discussed

Treasurers Report:

David tabled annual report showing current funds of $5,797.72 being $1305.41 main account and $4492.31 junior account. 

A bill of $1395 received from ChessKids and flagged by Mellissa as excessive was discussed.

MOVED Carey/Kevin that David enquire about this bill and consult with Mellissa prior to payment.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Election of Officebearers:

All officebearers were returned unopposed (subject to agreement for those who had not indicated whether they wished to continue)

  • President: Graham Richards
  • Vice-President: Lawrence Bretag
  • Treasurer: David Hughes
  • Secretary: Kevin Bonham
  • Ratings Officer: Kevin Bonham (acting)
  • Junior Chess Officer: Mellissa Harvey
  • Webmaster: Ross George

It was discussed that the Ratings Officer position is verging on unnecessary and that the BCC submits all results for ratings direct to ACF ratings officer Bill Gletsos. 

General Business:

Pairings issues:

issues with the use of program Swiss Perfect were discussed, including:

its frequent generation of wrong draws in tournaments (especially with small fields)
the difficulty of verifying and correcting wrong draws in a timely fashion between rounds
 perceptions or potential perceptions surrounding subjective corrections to draws
the need to identify clearly who is empowered to overrule computer draws

MOVED David that in TCA events, the tournament director works with two other people, ideally from other clubs, to resolve any draw disputes.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

It was agreed that clubs would attempt to familiarise themselves with conducting draws using programs other than Swiss Perfect.  Swiss Perfect would still need to be used for submitting tournaments for ratings.

Glen Gibbs Memorial Prize:

Resolved that Kevin discuss prize criteria for 2012 with Mellissa prior to scheduled April meeting.

Calendar for 2012:  

The following events were noted:

  • Hobart Open April 20-22 or 21-22 Princes St
  • Tasmanian Open June 9-11 Devonport
  • Burnie Shines October Havenview

Australian Grand Prix fees:

It was noted that most Tasmanian tournaments had withdrawn from the GP for 2012 in view of the $100 fee for Class 1 events.

MOVED Carey/David that the TCA asks the ACF to reduce the fee for Grand Prix class 1 events from 2013 onwards to a maximum of $50 or ideally zero.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

Recognition of Neville Ledger:

Resolved to recognise Neville’s contribution with a Friday night dinner and medal presentation prior to Burnie Shines.  Carey to arrange.

Meeting Closed:

1:05 pm