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HICC General Meeting

  • Migrant's Resources Center 49 Molle St Hobart, TAS, 7000 Australia (map)

Discussion Points

Following the HICC President's Memo from the 18th of this month, Ian Little (HICC President) has called a general meeting for next week's club night, the 1st of June.

This is a "free" night from tournament games while the HICC takes a break until after the Tasmanian Open when the next club championship commences.

The meeting shall address the following issues:

  • Whether or not the HICC should have a club constitution
  • A decision on the purchase of a Club Computer and/or other equipment
  • The election of a club Librarian
  • The election of a club Beverage Master
  • A brief discussion of the up coming Tasmanian Open, transport, accommodation etc.
  • How the HICC and the HoGS (Hobart Gaming Society) can work together.

For those who did not get a copy of the Presidents Memo, it is below.

After the meeting Ian Little will be presenting the HICC's first lecture in many years titled Attacking like a Computer, details can be found here.

HICC President’s Memo 18th of May 2015

Dear members, casual players, juniors, parents and guardians,

There have been several developments in Tasmanian chess in the recent months, and several more developments at the HICC.  Despite one of these being the creation of a better method of passing along information, at present letting people know about that service is still down to club announcements and the use of the ChessChat forum.  Both of these are slightly haphazard so I have decided to write a memo to start discussion within the club regarding what is happening at the HICC, and in the broader state chess community.


One development at the local and state level is the creation of a newsletter service to keep chess lovers informed of what’s going on.  At a state level the TCA newsletter will cover a variety of things to do with tournaments, players, puzzles, games, and some TCA business.  At the local level the HICC newsletter will be aimed at what’s going on in the club and in southern Tasmanian chess.  The newsletter will be a wonderful communication tool for everyone and will be able to compliment the announcements given on club evenings.  It will also replace the need for memos such as this.

To subscribe to the newsletters both the TCA and HICC versions, visit the new TCA webpage, the TCA subscription is found at the bottom of the main home page, while the HICC subscription can be found near the bottom of the HICC page.


As some of you may already know the TCA went through a significant constitutional reform at the AGM earlier this year.  For those who enjoy such things or are curious as to the TCA constitution it can also be found on the new TCA website, along with the minutes of the recent AGM.  The TCA also voted to incorporate at the AGM and I can report that has been done successfully so the HICC is now affiliated with the Tasmanian Chess Association (Inc.).

The recent constitutional developments at the TCA level has left the HICC with a question…

               “Should the HICC have its own constitution?”

At present the HICC does not act under any rules or constitution, we simply do not have one.  As president I personally feel this is something the club should look at rectifying and we should move to implement a constitution at or before next year’s AGM.

The reasons for having a constitution are many and varied, but for my part I feel that it would help clarify the decision making processes within the club.  At present the only time the club dedicates to making decisions is at its AGM.  Often the AGM presents questions and issues that are not resolved by the conclusion of the meeting, and then the next time these are reported on is in another 12 months.  This leads to protracted resolution times as the appropriate executive members don’t feel that they can or should make a decision on behalf of the club.  This ultimately leads to relatively simple questions being asked of the club membership, which in turn leads to another protracted resolution phase where opinions are many and varied.  This process is slow and I feel that initiatives raised in the past which could be benefiting the club now have either stalled or fallen over completely.  With a constitution in place and an executive that is accountable, the HICC can bestow authority on its executive to act in the best interests of the club and thus avoid some of these protracted approval processes where appropriate.

These are my views, and I appreciate they may not be shared in their entirety by all, but the question of whether the HICC should have a constitution remains.  I would like members to have a think about this question.  If it is felt that we should, then I will take steps to draft a constitution for circulation and comment.

Club computer

At present the HICC has a respectable amount of cash in the bank.  This is, and will continue to be, the root cause of many discussions within the club.  Because these funds belong to the club they must be used for the betterment of the HICC, but in the absence of any constitution or rules then all decisions about how this money should be spent are made open to the members.  While this is generally a good policy for larger or perhaps more luxurious purchases, for basic things that the club either needs, or will benefit greatly from, the process becomes overly slow (as previously discussed).

One such purchase which could possibly be considered as on the cusp of being necessary and luxurious is the purchase of an HICC computer.  At present the HICC relies on the gracious generosity of its secretary Kevin Bonham who uses his own personal computer to run tournaments in Swiss Perfect.  While I know Kevin doesn’t mind this and has been doing it for years, I think now that the club has some funds available it would be prudent to purchase an HICC laptop which will be able to operate pairing programs like Swiss Perfect and/or Vega Chess, be compatible with the HICC printer for all our printing needs, and potentially run chess analysis software for the archiving and analysing of games for those who do not have these services at home.

I feel that used in the correct way a laptop at the HICC could be used to enhance the quality of delivery of tutoring for the members of the junior club, and as a tool for the betterment of the chess experience for all members. It will also give the HICC a viable option to run tournaments using club equipment without being dependant on individual member’s possessions.

If you have any questions, comments or feelings towards this please make them known.


After a long wait the HICC library has been catalogued and titles are available for loan.  There are approximately 170 different titles, and one possibility is for the HICC to use some of its funds to purchase more books for this library.  Some titles will be held at the HICC clubrooms, while others will be archived and brought to the club on request.  The full list of titles can be found on the HICC web page on the TCA website

At present you can view the collection by author, title, or year of publication.  The website listings will soon be “tweaked” so it’s easier to read (using parentheses and italics etc.) and a search function will (hopefully) be embedded on the library page if you’re looking for a particular book.

Despite all these online advancements, the HICC will require a librarian to keep track of the collection, deal with requests, chase up late books etc.  Another use of the proposed HICC computer will be to aid the librarian in this task. If someone feels they can assist the HICC with this, and would like to discuss the matter further, please come and speak to me.

Beverage Master

Another long awaited initiative to get off the ground this year has been the Tea and Coffee facilities.  These facilities have been well received, and have started to pay themselves off and will soon start raising money for the club.  As promised when setting up these facilities all funds raised will be reinvested in club services, but the facilities are not meant to be a money spinner, much more the pleasure of being able to have a hot cuppa when facing the long game ahead on a cold Monday night!  So if it just breaks even I think we’ll all be happy.

But, the inclusion of these services brings up the necessity for someone to look after them.  This person would be responsible for replenishing stocks, maintaining the float, counting takings, then giving the takings to the treasurer once sufficient stocks have been replenished.  Because an extra cupboard has been secured at the HICC these facilities can be kept on premises under lock and key, which means any person in charge of these facilities will not have to bring them in and take them away as was the case when they were first introduced.  If anyone feels they can assist the HICC with running these services and would like to take on the position of beverage master, please come and see me.

State Open and Lightning

The state open and lightning is coming up soon (entry form attached to this).  As it is in Burnie, there are additional costs involved in going to the tournament.  I will be going, and in an attempt to keep costs down for others I will be offering car spots to those who are definitely entering and able to leave around lunch time on the Friday before the tournament.

Another idea raised by one of our members is the prospect of several Hobartians renting a house or some sort of self-contained facility together to keep costs down without sacrificing comfort.  I think this is a great idea and, if it goes ahead, will give members the opportunity to socialise and build on the club based friendships developing on Monday nights.  Unfortunately I am unable to take the lead on organising such a plan due to work commitments.  If this is something you feel you might like to help with or join in with please make yourself known ASAP so as to give everyone time to organise their plans appropriately.

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