Mr Ian Little

ACF GRAND PRIX DIRECTOR, TCA Vice-President, Secretary, and Webmaster, HCC PRESIDENT

Ian Little is a passionate chess player, advocate, and junior chess coach for the HJCC. In 2016 Ian was awarded his first Tasmanian Chess Champion title.

Ian has been the president of the Hobart Chess Club (Inc.) (HCC) since 2013, when it was known as the Hobart International Chess Club.  In the same year Ian became the vice-president of the Tasmanian Chess Association (TCA), in 2015 he also became TCA secretary and webmaster.  Ian has also been the director of the Australian Chess Federation (ACF) Grand-Prix since 2014.

Outside of chess, Ian is a Field Equipment, Maintenance, and Safety Officer at the University of Tasmania and is a ballroom dancing instructor for the Long-Steps ballroom dancing studio.  He also enjoys such things as cooking, armature photography, Magic the Gathering, fiction writing, and improving his Ranelagh property.