If you don't have a PGN viewer like Fritz or Stockfish, you can still enjoy the PGN files provided by viewing them online here.

How to view PGN files online

  1. Download the PGN file from the links above from the TCA website to your computer
  2. Visit Ingram Braun at
  3. In the "Provide games" box use "Upload PGN database" function to upload the PGN from your computer to the Ingram Braun website
    1. Select "Choose file" and navigate to the PGN file you wish to upload
    2. Once you've selected the correct PGN file, press the upload button
  4. Once uploaded the individual games and puzzles provided in the PGN will be available to play through on the interactive board
    1. Select the game or puzzle you wish to look at using the drop menu above the board
    2. Play through the game move-by-move or watch the game play out using the controls below the board
    3. All annotations can be read in the text window, and colour commentary can be viewed on the board
  5. When you've finished simply leave the website, or upload another PGN for your gaming pleasure