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The Tasmanian Open will be held from the 9th to the 11th of June at Stella Maris Primary School, 24 – 28 Futuna Avenue, Burnie.

Even if you select to pay on the day, you must complete the Checkout Process to register your entry correctly.

ENTER the Tasmanian Open


6 round Swiss. 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move per player from move 1.


Saturday the 9th of June:

  • Opening Ceremony - 1.30pm
  • Round 1 Start - 2pm
  • Round 2 Start - 6pm

Monday the 11th of June:

  • Round 6 Start - 10:00am
  • Closing Ceremony - 2:15pm

Sunday the 10th of June:

  • Round 3 Start - 10.00am
  • Round 4 Start - 2.00pm
  • Round 5 Start - 6:00pm


Entries for this event are online ONLY.

Entries for this event close on Wednesday the 6th of June.

Entry fees may be paid on the day in CASH or online prior to the event by CREDIT CARD. A $5 early bird discount will be applied to any adult entry if payment is received by Saturday May the 26th.

  • Adult $55
  • Adult concession $50
  • Junior (under 18) $15

In accordance with section 3 of the TCA Constitution, Tasmanian players not already a member of the TCA must pay an Individual TCA Membership levy in addition to their entry fee. This fee entitles the individual to all items listed under rule 3.2 of the constitution until the commencement of the next TCA financial year (rule 6.5)


  • 1st 40%
  • 2nd 20%
  • 3rd 10%
  • U1650 10%
  • U1500 10%
  • Junior (to be determined)

Prizes other than 1st and 2nd subject to at least 3 eligible entries. Prize pool is 90% + the confirmed junior prize of entry fees minus running costs and levies.


No titles will be conferred to the winners of this event.


Ian Rout


To be confirmed.


A maximum of 2 half-point byes may be taken in rounds 1-4 of this event. Notification of half-point byes must be given to the director of play before the commencement of the round prior to the intended bye. Notification after this time may incur a 0 point bye or withdrawal from the tournament.


FIDE Laws 2014 apply – ringing mobiles will incur automatic loss. Entrants agree to abide by all decisions of the organisers and arbiters. The organisers reserve the right to make any changes required.