Kevin Bonham

Kevin Bonham is a five-times Tasmanian Chess Champion and a ten-times Tasmanian Open Winner.

Kevin has been the secretary of the Hobart Chess Club (Inc.)  (HCC) - and one of its precursor clubs: the Sandy Bay Chess Club - since 1995. He was the Tasmanian Chess Association (TCA) secretary for 18 years between 1997 and 2015 and has been on the Australian Chess Federation (ACF) council since 2000.

Kevin has been an ACF Vice-President since 2007, and is also the current ACF Delegate to FIDE, and the ACF FIDE Admin Officer.  Kevin also edited the ACF Newsletter for several years until January 2016.  Kevin is also an administrator/moderator of the Australian Chess Chat forum.

Outside of chess, Kevin is a research consultant working for various employers on a range of invertebrate groups including: land snails (in which he is the state expert), beetles and other groups. Kevin is currently the President of the Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club and is also a local and national election and polling analyst and political commentator.  Kevin's political blog can be read here.