Tasmanian Lightning Championships

(a.k.a. Tasmanian Blitz Championships)


Inaugurated 1974 the Tasmanian Lightning Championship has had a more sporadic history than the other state-wide competitions.  The event wasn't held in 1986-8, 1991-4 or 2002, and the first event of 1995 aiming to revive the Lightning tournament wasn't endorsed by the TCA.

Notwithstanding it's patchy past, the Tasmanian Lightning Championship has found a regular home on the contemporary Tasmanian chess calendar.  Often being scheduled for the middle evening of the Tasmanian Open the combination of events has been a recipe for success in recent years.


Facts and Figures

Largest field: 25, Burnie, 2007

Most wins: Nigel Frame, 6 (one shared)

Biggest winning margin: Nigel Frame (2003) and Tony Dowden (2007), each 2.5 points

Lightning - Championship double

  • S. J. Henri 1975 (tied for Lightning), 76, 79
  • Adrian Flitney 1981
  • Peter Wagg 1983 (tied for Champs)
  • Tony Dowden 2006, 2007 (tied for Champs), 2008, 2009 (tied for Champs)
  • Alastair Dyer 2010
  • Tony Dowden 2012 (tied for Lightning)
  • Nigel Frame* (Lightning 2004, Champs 2005)
  • Kevin Bonham* (Lightning 2013, Champs 2014)

*held both titles at the same time but not in the same calendar year.