(All Tas unless otherwise indicated)

1933 A.M. Tregear
1934-74 (Event not held)
1975 Steve Cassettari (NSW)
1976 Haydn Barber (ACT), Colin Cloudsdale (SA), and S James Henri
1977 Paul Dozsa (NSW)
1978 P.J. Brown (NSW)
1979 John Mack (NSW)
1980 R. Farrell (ACT)
1981-2 Daryl Johansen (VIC)
1983 Stephen Solomon (VIC), and Adrian Flitney
1984 Mal O'Donoghue (NSW)
1985 Daryl Johansen (VIC)
1986 Michael Rolph
1987 Graham Lee (United Kingdom)
1988 Dmitri Gedevanishvile (NSW) (later Gedevani)
1990 (January) Carl Smith, Marcel Rothlisberger, Michael Rolph, and Julian Steward, (December) Adrian Flitney
1991 Bill Collins (VIC)
1992 J O'Carroll (VIC), O. Fraatz (SA), and R. Neville Ledger
1993-4 Simon Browne
1995 Fredrik Sandegard
1996 Pavel Sakov, and Tim Anderson
1997 Kevin Bonham
1998 Pavel Sakov
1999 Simon Browne (VIC), and Nigel Frame
2000 Michael Hornung
2001 Simon Browne (VIC)
2002 Pavel Sakov
2003 Kevin Bonham
2004 Lim Yee Weng (Malaysia), and Lee Jones (NSW)
2005 Kevin Bonham, and Nigel Frame
2006 Kevin Bonham
2007 Kevin Bonham, and Tony Dowden
2008 Kevin Bonham, David Small, Neil Markovitz, and Vincent Horton
2009 Kevin Bonham, and Alastair Dyer
2010 Alastair Dyer, and Tony Dowden
2011 Kevin Bonham, and Denis McMahon
2012 Kevin Bonham, Denis McMahon, Russell Horton, and Nigel Frame
2013 Phil Donnelly
2014 David Small, and Bill Kerr
2015 Ian Rout
2016 Kevin Bonham, and Martin Friebe
2017 Ian Rout
2018 Kevin Bonham
2019 Yang Liu