TCA AGM Minutes, 12th of March, 2018.


Meeting held in Launceston, 12th of March 2018 after the Tasmanian Championships




• Denis McMahon (President)

• Kevin Bonham (Vice-President, Ratings officer)

• Ian Little (Secretary, Treasurer)

• Christine Rumley (Junior Chess Officer)

• Kerry Beeton (LCC Delegate)

• Aidan Cox (LCC Observer)

• Ester Beeton (Observer

• Luwanna Beeton (LCC Junior)

• Bayani Beeton (LCC Junior)

• John Patrick (LCC Junior)

• William Rumley (HCC Junior)


• Reg Harvey (BCC President)


The minutes of the previous TCA Annual General Meeting of the 13 th of March 2017 were circulated

prior to the start of the meeting. No amendments were notified, and the minutes were accepted as

read and correct.

Matters arising:

• Ian Little to incorporate appropriate references and/or links to all relevant ACF Code of Ethics

documents in the draft of the TCA Event Guidelines, and on the TCA website once the TCA

Event Guidelines have been approved and adopted.

Denis McMahon and Ian Little noted that this matter is all but closed, subject to the approval of the

draft State & Titled Tournament Guidelines document being approved.

All other actions were reported as closed.

• Ian Little to advertise the 2018 TCA Chess Championships using Facebook to a value not

exceeding $50 and assess results.

An assessment of the Facebook advertising determined that while a direct increase in competitors

could not be linked to the advertising, there was benefit in the increased exposure. Ian Little noted

that his previous experience led him to believe advertising future events over the next 12 months was

the next step to making an informed decision on ongoing advertising of this nature. He suggested a

budget of one entry fee should be allocated for each major event, those being the Tasmanian Open,

Tasmanian Championship, and the Tasmanian Rapid and Lightning together.

Moved McMahon

The TCA extend the current Facebook advertising regime to include all major tournaments

between now and the next AGM, those being the: 2018 Tasmanian Open; 2018 Tasmanian

Rapid Championships; 2018 Tasmanian Lightning Championships; and 2019 Tasmanian

Championships. Approved budget would equate to 1 entry fee per event with both the Rapid

and Lightning Championships combined to equal: $50 for the Tasmanian Open; $50 for the

Tasmanian Championships; and $40 for the Tasmanian Rapid and Lightning Championships.

Motion carried: YES 6 NO 0 ABSTAIN 5.


Denis McMahon, TCA President, tabled his president’s report which had previously been circulated to

the TCA executive via e-mail.

Kevin Bonham raised the point that Luwanna Beeton was not actually the first female winner of the

Glen Gibbs award, but was in fact the second after Yuvini Perera.

Denis McMahon highlighted that the Devonport Chess Club would be in recess until further notice due

to a collapse of numbers. Praise was given to the Launceston Chess Club and in particular Aidan Cox

for the Launceston Cup, and the ChessKids schools competitions were also praised for their operation

and media coverage.

Denis also raised concerns regarding continued breakdowns in communication when planning major

events in Launceston. It was noted that these communication issues were underlined when St Patricks

withdrew from the previous agreement to host the 2018 Tasmanian Championships and that this was

only communicated to the LCC and TCA with very few weeks to spare. It was reiterated there are many

reasons for continuing to host the Tasmanian Championships in Launceston, but for this to be the case

communication between the LCC, TCA, and prospective venues must be improved.

Denis noted that the BCC and HCC were performing well with good numbers and a willingness to travel

to events such as the 2018 Tasmanian Championships. He encouraged all clubs to continue this and

welcomed everyone to travel to the 2018 Tasmanian Open in Burnie.

Denis thanked the outgoing treasurer David Hughes for his service and welcomed Ian Little as the new

treasurer for the TCA, noting that Ian had relinquished his position as Vice-President in an effective

executive reshuffle. Ian Little is now the TCA Secretary and Treasurer, with Kevin Bonham now serving

as Vice-President and Ratings Officer.

Denis noted his own work in operating the Chocolate Chess Competition in Latrobe, and thanked the

HCC and DCC (before it went into recess) for running the fundraising events in the Tony Sturges and

Tasmanian Rapid Championships.

Denis noted Ian Little’s work in preparing the draft State & Titled Tournament Guidelines and for his

continued dedicated service to chess in Tasmania.

Moved Little

The AGM accept the tabled President’s Report.

Motion carried unanimously.


Ian Little, TCA Treasurer, tabled his treasurer’s report which had previously been circulated to the TCA

executive via e-mail.

Ian Little noted that the TCA will, in practicality, break even for the financial year. He highlighted that

on paper the TCA recorded a near $600 profit but had nearly $900 worth of outstanding debt with

approximately $340 worth of outstanding income.

Ian noted that the TCA had committed $720 for the purchase of new DGT clocks, both in subsidies for

clubs and TCA assets and closed the year with approximately $3,100 in the bank. The TCA’s main

sources of revenue are club levies and fundraisers. Ian noted that without the fundraising events the

TCA would record annual losses and would have to reassess the percentage payouts it pays

tournament winners. The major expenses for the TCA, besides prize pools, are website subscriptions

and ratings costs. It was noted that the ratings figures in the treasurer’s report were only for the first

quarter and the TCA was 4 quarters outstanding due to problems in the ACF’s treasury. Ian Little noted

that these problems have since been addressed, and the TCA is up to date with ratings payments. It

was noted that STRIPE fees were at a minimum, but they should be incorporated into the calculations

for tournament prize pools.

Denis McMahon commented that the quality of the treasurer’s report was very helpful and queried

the ACF Junior Chess Development Levy. Ian confirmed the levy had been paid. Denis also inquired as

to intended the process for paying for the DGT clocks. Ian advised that he would wait and see how the

ACF proceeds, and then contact clubs accordingly.

Denis informed the AGM that as a result of David Hughes resigning from the Treasurer’s position the

TCA signatories had to be updated. Ian Little confirmed that it was mandatory to have 3 signatories

on the account, and they were Ian Little, Denis McMahon, and Kevin Bonham.

Moved McMahon

The AGM accept the tabled Treasure’s Report.

Motion carried unanimously.


Christine Rumley, TCA Junior Chess Officer, tabled her junior officer’s report which had previously

been circulated to the TCA executive via e-mail.

Christine Rumley noted that there had been 3 chess co-ordinators established, 1 per region of

Tasmania. The co-ordinators are:

• North West – Reg Harvey;

• North – Aidan Cox; and

• South – Christine Rumley

Christine noted that both Reg Harvey and Ian Rout are coaching in schools in the North West, but

specific junior numbers at the BCC stand at only 3. The LCC hosts approximately 10 junior members,

not including Mind Moves, and the HCC hosts approximately 20 junior members.

Christine reiterated Luwanna Beeton’s winning of the Glen Gibbs memorial award and added her

congratulations to Luwanna for travelling so extensively around Tasmania and Victoria to compete in

tournaments in the TCA, ACF and ChessKids arenas.

It was noted that the state interschool finals were hosted by St Patrick’s in Launceston, there were 81

students from 14 schools in the junior division, and 80 students from 12 schools in the secondary

division. The Tasmanian Junior Champions were award to the winners, they were William Rumley

(U12), Andrew Smith (U18) both were undefeated.

Christine Rumley was asked by Reg Harvey to raise the question of whether this arrangement for

awarding the Tasmanian Junior titles at this particular tournament should continue or whether the

TCA should host a separate tournament. Denis McMahon noted that this question and discussion is

had regularly. Further discussion was moved the general business.

The national interschools chess championships were held at Melbourne University in November 2017,

students from 7 schools around Tasmania attended including schools in the North West, North, and

South. William Rumley received 4 th place in the junior division. 3 Juniors travelled to Melbourne to

compete in the Australian Junior Chess Championships (AJCC) in January 2018; Tasmania’s highest

attendance since 2012. Luwanna Beeton came 1 st in the U10 girls problem solving competition,

William Rumley came 2 nd in the U12 open problem solving competition.

Christine noted that while in attendance at the AJCC she was approached by Charles Zworestine to

ask the TCA to consider hosting a future AJCC the 2019 AJCC is scheduled to be hosted by either WA

or NSW, so Charles interest was in the 2020 AJCC or beyond. Christine did confirm she did not make

any commitments on behalf of the TCA but noted that it was an open offer should ever the TCA wish

to host the event in Tasmania.

Denis McMahon noted Charles Zworestine’s offer and moved further discussion to general business.

Kerry Beeton inquired as to the current state of the TCA state junior awards with regards to gender,

specifically if there has historically ever been an U12 and/or U18 girls title awarded. Christine

confirmed that ChessKids awards are separate from the TCA Junior Chess Champion title and trophy,

and that at present the TCA does not award a separate title for female juniors.

Moved Patrick

The AGM accept the tabled Junior Officer’s Report.

Motion carried unanimously.


Moved Little

That membership fees for 2018 remain unchanged, with memberships dating from the 1 st of

July 2018 to the 30 th of June 2019.

Denis McMahon noted individual memberships are $20 per annum with club memberships at $15 per

annum for adults, and $5 per annum for juniors.

Discussion led to the clarification that individual membership for any person, junior or not, is $20. This

figure is subject to review at each AGM.

Motion carried unanimously.


Moved Little

The appointment of the auditor be suspended until the relevant constitutional amendment

is considered.

Motion carried unanimously.


Denis McMahon noted some misgivings on accepting the nomination for the position of President

given the current status of the DCC. Given the circumstances Denis invited anyone who wished to take

up the office of President to put their name forward and if so he would withdraw his nomination.

No nominations were forthcoming, the meeting expressed its confidence in Denis’ as TCA President,

and expressed no concern or conflict with his remaining in the office while the DCC is in recess.

The following people were all elected unopposed.

• Denis McMahon for the office of President (nominated by Ian Little)

• Kevin Bonham for the office of Vice-President (nominated by Denis McMahon)

• Ian Little for the office of Secretary (nominated by Denis McMahon)

• Ian Little for the office of Treasurer (nominated by Denis McMahon)

• Kevin Bonham for the office of Ratings Officer (nominated by Ian Little)

• Ian Little for the office of Webmaster (nominated by Denis McMahon)

• Christine Rumley for the office of Junior Chess Officer (nominated by Ian Little)

Denis McMahon reminded the meeting that each club is allowed 1 delegate to the TCA to represent

club interests and have a vote at executive meetings. Clubs are required to advise the TCA secretary

as soon as practical in writing whenever their delegate is appointed or changed. Ian Little advised the

meeting that all delegates must provide him as TCA secretary with an appropriate e-mail address that

they will check on a regular basis.

Discussion regarding delegates confirmed that the TCA has no bearing on how individual clubs decide

who is going to be their delegate, and that delegates can change as frequently as a club likes providing

all changes in delegates are notified to the TCA in writing (email will be accepted as “written”).

Discussion then turned to the TCA’s relationship with Mind Moves as an affiliated club, and if the TCA

would accept a delegate from Mind Moves. Denis McMahon informed the meeting that the TCA has

provision in its constitution to allow any chess club, including Mind Moves, to affiliate with the TCA,

and that any affiliated club is allowed a delegate. The process for affiliation is that any club wishing to

affiliate with the TCA writes the TCA secretary to that effect, and then that request is considered at

the next executive meeting and a decision is made.

Motion carried unanimously.


Moved McMahon

That, following the decision by the ACF to award Grand Prix consolation prizes to State

winners, the TCA register the 2018 Tasmanian Open in the ACF Grand Prix and, subject to

the ACF continuing this policy, register the 2019 Tasmanian Championship and the 2019

Tasmanian Open.

Denis McMahon reminded the meeting that at the previous AGM a decision was made for the TCA to

discontinue its participation in the ACF Grand Prix due to various reasons including, but not limited to,

ACF GP events were not attracting increased participation, and TCA members participating in the ACF

GP were limited in their ability to win ACF GP prizes.

Following a decision at the ACF level to underwrite all ACF GP consolation prizes Denis McMahon

promised to raise the issue at the TCA level and move a motion to consider re-registering appropriate

TCA events in the ACF Grand Prix. Denis McMahon noted the cost of registering each event would be

$50 and that would impact on the event prize pools, but that as a result the TCA’s major events would

be part of the national grand prix circuit.

Aidan Cox registered his dissent pointing out that few to zero players from the rest of Australia travel

to Tasmania to play at all, and those who do are not playing because of a tournaments ACF GP

registration status. Aidan went on to note the money which would have been used for ACF GP

registration, in the case of the 2018 Tasmanian Championships, was instead used to better effect as

part of the TCA Facebook advertising regime.

Motion lost: YES 0 NO 3 ABSTAIN 8.

Moved Little

That, subsequent to advice from the Department of Consumer Affairs, the constitution of the

Tasmanian Chess Association (Inc.) be amended such that rule 8 Auditor be removed along

with all references to it (9.5.e, and 16.1.c) and the remaining rules re-numbered accordingly.

Ian Little informed the meeting that under previous Department of Consumer Affairs rules, any

association with a turn over of less than $40,000 could apply for an auditor exemption which would

automatically be accepted. Under the current system any association with a turn over of less than

$40,000 does not need to apply for that exemption and no longer required to appoint an auditor at


Ian pointed out 2 courses of action for the TCA, the first being to leave the constitution as is, continue

appointing an auditor in the knowledge the TCA would almost never require one, or to amend the

constitution and inform the Department of Consumer Affairs accordingly.

Kevin Bonham noted that previously when the TCA ran the Australian Junior Chess Championships the

TCA turn over for that year exceeded $40,000. Kevin went on the query the likely procedure for

handling this in the future, knowing it will most likely be a once off occurrence every 10 to 15 years.

Ian Little advised that if the TCA knew its turn over was likely to exceed the automatic exemption

threshold because of a single event we most likely be able to receive an exemption anyway in

consultation with consumer affairs, or just submit the books to an executively appointed auditor for

that year without requiring a constitutional amendment.

Denis McMahon noted that he was satisfied all conditions for amending the constitution as laid out in

the constitution had been met, and the motion could be considered.

Motion carried YES 5 NO 0 ABSTAIN 6.

Moved Little

That, the constitution of the Tasmanian Chess Association (Inc.) be amended such that the

amount specified under rule 7.4 be increased from $250 to $500.

Ian Little noted that the current rule 7.4 does mention “without executive approval”. However, making

multiple split payment and/or constantly seeking executive approval has proven clumsy in the past.

Denis McMahon noted that he was satisfied all conditions for amending the constitution as laid out in

the constitution had been met, and the motion could be considered.

Motion carried unanimously.

Moved Little

That, the TCA approve and adopt the circulated State & Titled Tournament Guidelines of the

Tasmanian Chess Association (Inc.) with all amendments.

Kevin Bonham raised the following amendment for consideration. Page 6 under Appendix A. Titles,

the sentence,

Titles will not be conferred to the winner(s) of the Tasmanian Open.

be changed to something in the effect of,

The TCA shall confer the title of Tasmanian Open Winner to all winners of the Tasmanian

Open. The Title of Tasmanian Open Winner is not considered a state championship title

under the Tasmanian State Title Eligibility Policy and does not qualify the winner for entry

into any subsequent events.

Christine Rumley asked for clarification on the awarding of the Tasmanian Junior State Titles as they

are not covered under Appendix A. Titles. It was confirmed that the TCA does award the Tasmanian

Junior Champions in the U12 and U18 divisions, but these awards are not awarded at tournaments

organised by the TCA, and so have not been included in the draft document.

Kevin Bonham also raised the following amendment for consideration. Page 4 under Facilities,

Equipment & Refreshment, the inclusion of adequate lighting, heating, and cooling be added. Ian Little

commented that the first iteration of the draft included several additional items to that effect but they

were later removed to simplify the document and make it easier for clubs to fulfil the requirements

of the guidelines. Further discussion led the agreement that the items Lighting and Climate Control be

added to the list of essential facilities under point 8 of the document.

Kevin Bonham went on to query the requirement under point 5 Roles & Responsibilities for a club to

nominate 2 people for the roles of Tournament Organiser and Director of Play – could a club nominate

a single person for both roles with possibly a reserve? Ian Little commented that the intention of the

2 roles being split was to provide some redundancy in the event of one person becoming ill, or

otherwise unable to participate in the organisation of the event. That this dispersion of responsibility

would help in a smoother operation of future events. Ian went on to mention that in the case of the

Tasmanian Rapid Championships and Tasmanian Lightning Championships that the 2 roles could more

easily be combined due to the nature of the events.

Denis McMahon noted that it was the business of the meeting to either accept or reject the adoption

of the document and that once adopted future amendments could be considered. To expedite

proceedings of the AGM Denis then closed discussions of the document with a view to hearing more

if required at a later date.

Motion carried YES 10 NO 0 ABSTAIN 1.


Awarding of Tasmanian Junior Chess Championship Titles

Denis McMahon continued discussions differed from the junior officer’s report.

The question of whether the TCA should continue to award the U12 and U18 junior state champions

title under the current system, which awards these titles to the winners of the ChessKids interschools

finals, or to find an alternate solution was discussed. Denis noted this is discussed regularly and no

viable solution to the current system has yet been found, but the TCA will continue to consider the

issue as needed.

Kerry Beeton highlighted the possibility of creating a separate tournament as a result of future

networking between keen southern juniors, the growing Launceston chess community, and the Mind

Moves club. However, any change would take time and Kerry asked for the opportunity to report back

to the TCA at a later date. Denis McMahon agreed to consider any formal proposal at executive level

and highlighted that any solution would need to take into account location and numbers to make it

viable as more than a once off tournament.

Tasmanian Hosting Australian Junior Chess Championships

Denis McMahon continued discussions differed from the junior officer’s report.

Kevin Bonham recounted his experiences from the time Tasmania hosted the AJCC in 2010. He

commented that in organising an event of that scale there is need for a core of approximately 3 people

who are willing and able to do an extraordinary amount of work supported by a team of approximately

8 to 10 people who are willing to fulfil support roles.

Kevin also noted that the Australian Junior Chess League (AusJCL) has folded and handed back control

of the AJCC to the ACF. This therefore leaves open some questions on the structure of the AJCC into

the future and exactly who and how any prospective TCA organisation team will be dealing with the

appropriate parties affiliated with the AJCC.

Ian Little noted that any bid would need to be proposed 18 months in advance to allow for adequate

time to plan appropriately.

Long-Steps Black & White Fundraising Ball

Ian Little updated the meeting on plans for Long-Steps Ballroom Dancing to run a fundraising ball to

raise money for the TCA. Ian noted Long-Steps had already been soliciting donations on behalf of the

TCA but that it may be helpful when soliciting future donations, or attracting media attention, to be

able to quote a purpose that the funds will be committed to. Ian noted that junior chess of female

participation rates etc. would gain more traction in the press and that this could potentially increase

donations and/or participation in the event.

Ian asked the meeting if there were any specific chess causes the TCA would like to see the funds

committed to, or if it would serve the TCA better not to commit the money so as to keep options open

moving forward. Ian noted the fundraiser was predicted to raise in the vicinity of $500 to $750. Denis

McMahon noted that general expenses for operating are increasing with hiring fees, website costs,

and other ancillary expenses. Denis went on to point out that a primary reason for raising funds is to

give associations the ability to underwrite such costs of operation.

It was noted that any cause or purposes promoted during the solicitation of funds must as a matter of

law be undertaken to the best of the TCA’s ability once the donations have been received by the TCA.

Moved McMahon

That the TCA give authority to Ian Little to nominate specific causes and/or projects as part

of his Long-Steps Ballroom Dancing Black & White Fundraising Ball fundraising efforts.

Motion carried unanimously.

TCA Billing Clubs for Members

Kevin Bonham raised the issue of club-based members who play in very few rated games and may slip

through the cracks of club records. Denis McMahon noted that the TCA is largely in the hands of the

individual club secretaries and treasurers maintaining adequate records and that to date this system

has been operating effectively.

It was noted that it is not in the interest of the TCA to bill clubs for their very irregular and/or

infrequent members. However, any player not affiliated with a club will be charged the full TCA

individual membership levy should they wish to enter rated events, and any club claiming the

membership of a player is expected to pay the appropriate annual levy for that player at the next

appropriate billing cycle.

Denis McMahon and Ian Little also highlighted that the TCA membership register is still in need of

attention and that this process is reliant on accurate records being presented by individual clubs. This

membership register must include all financial members of clubs, not just those playing in weekend