TCA Minutes 6th of November 2000

Meeting held in Hobart, 6th of November 2000, following the Tasmanian Open.

Meeting Opened:

1:05 pm


  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary) (chair),
  • David Christian (Treasurer/Ratings Officer),
  • Tom Lea (SBCC/HICC),
  • Aaron Holland and Matthew Jones (SBCC), and 
  • Michael Hornung, Leo Minol and Paul Berzins (LCC).

There was no representative from Burnie.


  • David Ferris (Vice-President), and
  • Tony Sturges (Junior Chess).


Minutes of the meeting of 6/3/00 were confirmed (MOVED Lea/Jones, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY).

Matters Arising:


Financial Report:

David Christian stated that the position of the TCA is good with over $1000 in bank.  No laptop computer had yet been purchased because nothing with the intended specifications (eg “run Windows 98 comfortably”) had been available for the price.

Michael Hornung has a W98 capable (but perhaps not comfortable) laptop which he wishes to sell for $900, possibly as $100 upfront + $30/month.  It was agreed that anyone possibly interested in jointly purchasing this with the TCA should negotiate with the TCA and Michael in coming months.  David Christian suggested that in the next few years it may be possible players will be willing to loan old laptops.

David also discussed the forthcoming ACF restructure.   The TCA will no longer collect $7 annual fees, and will rely on event levies and Junior Championships money.  However the TCA will not pay ratings fees to ACF so the impact of the change is minimal.

General Business:

Selection Procedures for primary teams to represent the state:

MOVED Lea/Christian that the selection criteria for the right to represent the state in the primary division of the national championships be performance by the school in the individual junior championships, as judged at the selectors’ discretion.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Events for 2001:

It was discussed that Pablo Oriol, one of the state’s strongest players, had been unable to play in both the Open and the Championships because of university exams.

MOVED Lea/Minol that the Tasmanian Championships be moved to the Labour Day weekend in March, exchanging dates with the present HICC weekender.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOVED Lea/Bonham that the TCA supports moving the Open to a weekend not containing University exams, with the number of days of play to be decided by the host club.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Launceston Chess Club declined to be added to the regular Open/Championships schedule due to logistic concerns.  Kevin Bonham suggested that the State Interclub event is presently struggling, and Tom Lea suggested that there is merit in replacing the State Interclub with a small weekender to give Tasmania a fourth Grand Prix event.  LCC were agreeable to this idea at this stage.

The schedule therefore is:

  • MARCH (Labour Day) Tasmanian Championships (SBCC)
  • JUNE (Queens Birthday) HICC Weekender
  • AUGUST (Last Weekend) LCC Weekender
  • OCT/NOV Tasmanian Open (BCC)

Tie-breaks for Tasmanian Championships:

The possibility of having tie-breaks for the Tasmanian Championships to produce a single champion was discussed.  For reasons of fairness, logistic difficulties and lack of time to play tie-break games, all agreed that no change be made.

Meeting Closed:

2 pm