TCA Minutes 12th of June 2006

Tasmanian Chess Association Executive Meeting held in Hobart, 12th of June 2006, after the Tasmanian Open.

Meeting Opened:

12:30 pm


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Nigel Frame (HICC/ Ratings),
  • Thomas Hendrey (BCC),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary/acting Treasurer),
  • Russell Horton (JCO),
  • Ross George,
  • Mellissa Harvey,
  • Tony Sturges


Minutes of the AGM of 12/3/06 were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising:

Tasmanian Junior Interschools:

Kevin reported that following a complaint from the ACTJCL the ACF may be reviewing the schools’ levy and it is possible this would lead to resolution of the impasse between the ACF and Chess Kids over the levy.

Adult interstate internet event:

Kevin reported that this has been abandoned due to lack of interest.

Correspondence In:

  1. Nigel Frame, 14 March 06, Proposal for modified state championship
  2. Phil Donnelly, 16 March 06, Tas Champs survey and web site
  3. Phil Donnelly, 17 March 06, Report on Tas Champs
  4. Graham Richards, 19 March 06, as above
  5. Phil Donnelly, 23 March 06, Tas Champs format
  6. Phil Donnelly, 24 March 06, resignation
  7. Russell Horton, 25 March 06, junior training camp
  8. David Cordover, 15 May 06, Tas Junior Champs 2006
  9. Leo Minol, 20 May 06, motions
  10. Russell Horton, 22 May 06, junior camp report
  11. Charles Zworestine, 24 May 06, 2008 Australian junior champs

Correspondence Out:

  1. David Cordover, 8 April 06, Tas junior champs
  2. Charles Zworestine, 25 May 06, 2008 Australian junior champs

Office Bearers:

The following positions were filled or confirmed as continuing:

  • Ratings Officer: Nigel Frame
  • Treasurer: Kevin Bonham
  • Webmaster: Ross George
  • Vice-President Ross George

MOVED Nigel/Russell that the position of Public Officer be merged with that of President  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Treasurers Report:

Kevin tabled a report showing net balance estimated at $2427 with liability of $40 for web hosting.  Ross can get free web hosting if required.

General Business:

Junior Development Fund:

MOVED Leo/Russell:

  1. That a Junior Chess Development Fund be established.
  2. That the proceeds of $330.00 from the Tasmanian Junior Chess Championship 2005, which the TCA received from Mr David Cordover and with all other moneys the TCA already received for junior chess, be transferred to that fund, and that all future TCA Junior activities be self supporting.
  3. That the fund have a separate bank account and report to the TCA Treasurer annually.


MOVED Kevin/Nigel that 50% of public liability be paid from the Junior Chess Development Fund account.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Finishing time for weekenders:

MOVED Kevin/Nigel that the Tasmanian Open finish not later than 2pm on the Monday. MOTION TIED

President’s casting vote against to preserve status quo.  MOTION LOST

Tasmanian Championships structure:

Nigel reported that his proposal had been abandoned due to mostly negative feedback and recorded his disappointment with the proposal not being received more positively with a thought to development of adult chess in the state.

Tasmanian Junior Championships:

Russell and Mellissa tabled a draft entry form.  2-day event in Hobart with preliminaries in each region.  9 round Swisses U12/U18 with prizes for runner-up boy and girl in each age group.  Usual divisions U8-U18.  Recording moves required.  HIJCC hosting final Sep 16-17.

Limiting same family pairings in weekenders:

MOVED Russell/Ross that where possible members of the same family do not meet in the first four rounds.   CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

TCA business procedures:

MOVED Leo that all motions be circulated three weeks in advance of meetings so delegates can be instructed how to vote.    MOTION LAPSED

Digital Clocks:

MOVED Nigel/Russell that the TCA purchase two clocks to the value of $65 for each club, and contribute 50% of the cost for up to another two clocks for each club.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Logo for the TCA:

MOVED Ross/Leo that the TCA spend $200 (half from each account) to commission Heath Pickett to design a logo for the TCA.       CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


Ross to get a quote on designing and printing of scoresheets for TCA events.

Annual Calendar:

Resolved that an annual calendar of events should be available on website once updated.  Web update information may be in unopened parcel sent by Phil Donnelly to Nigel.

Meeting Closed:

1:35 pm.