TCA Minutes 14th February 2010

Meeting held in Launceston, 14th February 2010, after the Launceston Cup

 Meeting Opened:

3:20 pm


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Leo Minol (Treasurer),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • Russell Horton (JCO),
  • Tony Dowden (Vice-President),
  • Nigel Frame (HICC),
  • Michael Lucht (LCC)


  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC),
  • Ross George (Webmaster)


Minutes of meeting 25 Oct 2009 were confirmed.

Correspondence In:

See sponsorship offer discussion below

Correspondence Out:


General Business:

 Aus Junior:

Russell congratulated Hobart organisers on running of tournament and the Executive’s appreciation for Russell’s work on the event was recorded.  Event went well.  Accounts likely to show small net loss, but profit of a few thousand dollars likely from canteen and accommodation.  Russell reported on the Sandler/Cordover clock situation currently being discussed between CV and David Cordover, impact on TCA unclear at this stage. 

MOVED Tony/Nigel that we ask the ACF to waive ratings costs.  CARRIED (Abstention: Kevin – conflict of interest)

Grand Prix sponsorship offer:

Kevin reported on offer from Brian Jones (Australian Chess Enterprises, also ACF GP Co-ordinator) to waive fee and conditions for one Class 4 event if ACE are promoted on TCA website.  Resolved that Kevin contact Brian to determine if offer is a once-off and if so if it is confined to 2010 or available for 2011 as well.  Our preference is 2011 Tas Open (Hobart), if not then 2010 Tas Open (Burnie).  Possibility of Events Tas sponsorship.

Calendar and website: 

MOVED Nigel/Leo that the TCA maintain a calendar of events at least 12 months in advance at all times CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

It was stressed that calendar would need to be flexible and include note that events were subject to changes and changes would be notified where they occurred.  Also events could be shown as “confirmed” once confirmed.

Rapid Series: 

Resolved to again hold three Rapid Series events but without pointscore system.  Philosophy to be all prizes given out on day but with good junior prizes to encourage junior interest.  Possible dates Hobart April, Ulverstone late May, Launceston July.

Launceston Weekender in 2011:

Leo advised would most likely be weekend close to the 26th Jan, perhaps 29-30 Jan.

Meeting Closed:

4 pm