TCA Minutes 26th of July 2015

Meeting held in Devonport, 26th of July 2015 after the Tasmanian Rapid Championship




  • Denis McMahon (President)
  • Ian Little (Vice-president, secretary)
  • David Hughes (Treasurer)
  • Kevin Bonham (Ratings officer)


None advised


The minutes of the previous TCA meeting, the Executive meeting from the 8th of June 2015 were circulated prior to the start of the meeting.  No amendments were notified and the minutes were accepted as read and correct.

Matters arising:


Motions Moved in Advance:

Moved Little

The TCA will adopt the circulated draft Digital Privacy Policy as the official TCA Digital Privacy Policy.

Motion carried unanimously.


Scheduling of the AGM during the Tasmanian Open 2016

A discussion will be held regarding the pros and cons of holding the 2016 AGM after round 5 of the experimental schedule to be tested during next year’s Tasmanian Open, as opposed to the current time slot between rounds 4 and 5.


  • This time slot potentially makes it more attractive for general members to attend.  Any such increase in attendance would benefit the general membership of the TCA as debate would naturally be more diverse.


  • The “chess” day for players is increased in length, which reduces the efficacy of proposed model and only playing 2 games per day.
  • The TCA runs the risk of having no greater, or considerably increased, attendance at its AGM.  In this way the TCA would have unduly inconvenienced players for no tangible benefit.
  • In the event of a longer meeting the schedule for round 5 would have to be altered with no decent way of communicating this to players.

At the conclusion of the discussion it was decided the AGM for 2016 will be held at a time on Sunday evening after the conclusion of round 5.

No formal motion was moved to this effect, but unanimous agreement was reached with no dissention from any of the clubs.

Working with Children Cards

As a follow up from the previous Executive meeting and as a result of information circulated by Kevin Bonham a brief discussion on the TCA’s and individual chess club’s obligations with regard to the Working with Children cards will be held.

ACTION ITEM: (from Executive meeting from the 8th of June 2015) Kevin Bonham to investigate this matter and report back to the TCA on our responsibilities on or before the next executive meeting.

COMMUNICATION: E-mail dated July 20th from Kevin Bonham to TCA Executive and Club Delegates.

Information obtained indicates that for chess clubs under the TCA all club executive members and coaches will need to obtain a Working with Children Card.  General members of clubs will not need to obtain a Working with Children Card simply to play at a club.

It is the decision of individual how they will enforce this, and whether or not to offer reimbursement to members.

General Business

TCA Levy Invoicing Protocol

The TCA treasurer to, as soon as practicable after the 30th of June each year, invoice affiliated clubs for their TCA levy, currently remitted at $15 per adult member and $5 per junior member.

No formal motion was moved to this effect, but unanimous agreement was reached with no dissention from any of the clubs.

Tasmanian Community Fund Grant Round 31

The TCA will submit an application for the TCF grand round 31.

Incorporation Exemption from Auditing

The TCA should be granted automatic exemption from its incorporated auditing requirements due to the low financial turnover of the association.

ACTION: Ian Little to lodge appropriate exemption forms with Service Tasmania as soon as practicable.

Meeting Closed