TCA Minutes 20th of November 2016

Meeting held in Launceston, 20th of November 2016 after the Launceston Cup




  • Ian Little (Vice-president, Secretary, Webmaster)
  • David Hughes (Treasurer)
  • Kevin Bonham (Ratings officer)
  • Martin Friebe (LCC delegate) until 1305h
  • Aidan Cox (LCC observer) from 1305h


  • Denis McMahon (President)


The minutes of the previous TCA executive meeting (24th of July 2016) were circulated via e-mail prior to the meeting. No amendments were notified and the minutes were accepted as read and correct.

Matters arising:

As per the agenda no matters arising had been notified.

Motions Moved in Advance:

As per the agenda all motions moved in advance by e-mail were carried.

TCA Treasurer, David Hughes, confirmed that a cheque had been drawn up to be presented to Andrew Smith for his winning the Glen Gibbs award. The cheque was passed to Ian Little for delivery to Andrew at the Hobart Chess Club.

Fund Raising for Australian Junior Competitors:

Discussion was had on the TCA’s ability to financially support Tasmanian juniors in their participation at the Australian Junior Championships in 2017 and beyond.

All formal motions regarding this matter were postponed until consultation with the Junior Chess Officer and the President could be conducted.

E-mail Motion Regulations:

Kevin Bonham raised the point that long-winded e-mail motions often become unruly and very difficult to manage. While maintaining that a formal motion was not required, the general point that e-mail motions should be kept short and easily debated was made. No formal motion was tabled.

Any Other Business: