Carlsen Conquers BLINDFOLDED!

Twenty-four-year-old chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen destroyed three opponents simultaneously while playing blindfolded in a timed match earlier this month at the Sohn Conference in New York City.

Carlsen’s challengers included Wall Street financier J. Christopher Flowers, the chairman and founder of JC Flowers & Co; Paul Hoffman, the president and CEO of the Liberty Science Centre; and actor Gbenga Akinnagbe from “The Wire.”

The challengers were not blindfolded. Meanwhile, Carlsen had to envision each of his opponent’s boards in his head while he made his moves.

The Sohn Conference, which was held on May 4, is one of the biggest hedge-fund gatherings of the year. The annual event raises funds for paediatric cancer research.

Watch the full 30 minute match below.