Jonathan Schrantz on the Benko Gambit

The Chess Club and Scholastic Centre of St Louis (CCSCSL) has a fantastic chess lecture program which is available for free on YouTube and on their website.

For your convenience the TCA will be presenting selected lectures from the CCSCSL along with a PGN file of all the games and notes.

In this Lecture Jonathan Schrantz (1974 FIDE) presents some instruction on the Benko Gambit.  The Benko Gambit is considered one of the most aggressive and sound sacrifices in chess, so much so that many players choose "Benko avoiding" lines or simply refuse to the gambit.

Featured in this lecture and in the PGN file are:

  • Benko Gambit - Ideas and notes.
  • Example 1 - What NOT to do as White, a focus on d3
  • Example 2 - What NOT to do as Black, a focus on Bg7
  • Example 3 - Main lines with Qa5

Jonathan Schrantz teaches the Benko Gambit. Learn what to do after 3...b5. See a game where white faltered, a game where black deviated from the correct line, and a game where both sides played well. 2015.11.09 A58 Benko gambit accepted Harikrishna vs. Tregubov, 2004: A58 Benko gambit accepted Peralta vs.

All of the games and notes from this lecture have been compiled into a PGN file for download. You can use this PGN file with most chess programs, if you don't have a chess program you can visit the TCA Downloads page (here) for instructions on how to view this file online.