Bonham gets the trifecta!

Kevin Bonham claimed the aptly named Bonham Cup for the 3rd consecutive year at the 2016 Tasmanian Rapid Chess Championships. A feat not made any easier by the wild Tasmanian weather on Saturday morning forcing junior William Rumley and family to turn around and head back to Hobart.

Kevin went through the field undefeated, but looked set to claim second place after some tough draws against top seed Martin Friebe, and 4th seed James Peirce. However, a last round upset saw Kevin clutch victory outright by half a point. Top seed Martin Friebe placed outright second, while Devonport local and TCA president Denis McMahon claimed outright 3rd.

Since its creation in 2014 the Tasmanian Rapid Champion title has only been awarded to 1 person.  In 2014 Kevin Bonham claimed in inaugural title, and then returned in 2015 to win it again with the trophy being named the Bonham Cup in his honour. To return for a 3rd year running and claim to title once again is a feat that will sit at the top of the honour board for years to come as a challenge to all future Rapid Chess Champions.

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