Smack Talk Take the Title

Another Small Crowed, but more Big Smiles


On a day when it looked like half the field had forgotten the event, the first ever Tasmanian Transfer Championships was a success, albeit a small one.

With only 4 teams entering the event despite a protracted advertising campaign and an outing by Martin Friebe to the recent state inter-school finals, the event was over in an hour!

At 5 minutes to 11 the eventual winner were no where in sight, and only half of Fischer & Chips were at the venue. Aidan Cox couldn't make the event but Kevin Bonham gladly took his place on the condition that Ian Little was prepared to lose every game.

By the start time the Rolph brothers had arrived and it was clear there weren't going to be any impromptu on the day entries. In the spirit of having some fun and in he face of a much reduced field, the organisers agreed to waive the entry fee and the players agreed to play for pride only. After a quick revision of the rules of the day we were off and playing.

  • Double Round Robin
  • 5 minutes per player, per board,
  • no drop mate
  • no drop pawns on the 1st or 8th rank,
  • pawns don't promote,
  • open table talk was permissible,
  • open smack talk was permissible,
  • no profanity under any circumstances.

Cross Table

In the end it was the Rolph brothers who took out the day with 5 from 6. The only non-family team in the tournament, Fischer & Chips took out second place on 4, with sibling Team Rumley taking out 3rd and being the only team to take a point off the tournament winners.

After less than an hour the tournament was over, but everyone left happy and had fun. While the event was small, from small things big things grow, and if we run the event next year we hope more teams will register.