The 2017 Launceston Cup has been won by Jerome Pirotais on 6.5/7, with T.C.A. President Denis McMahon and Niruruthi Ravichandran tied for 2nd. on 5.

The tournament was again held in the peaceful and beautiful surrounds of the Swinging Gate vineyards in Sidmouth, with a field of 17 players. Jerome overcame Denis in Round 4, and 2nd. seed Ian Rout in Round 5, before drawing with Niruruthi in Round 6 to set up an impressive win. Denis managed a win with the black pieces against Ian Rout in the last round to share 2nd.

The Cox family were amazing hosts and I know everyone had a wonderful time. The views were great; the chess was fun; and the food was excellent.

In the social Blitz event on Saturday night, Ian Little managed a win over Niruruthi in the last round to allow Denis a narrow win with 8/10 - with Niruruthi 2nd. on 7.5 and Aidan Cox 3rd. on 7.