TCA AGM Minutes 12th of March 2001

Annual General Meeting held in Hobart, 12th of March 2001, following the Tasmanian Championships

As there were only 5 people present this was a very informal meeting.  In particular we did not require seconders for motions.

Meeting Opened:

3:50 pm


  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary) (chair)
  • David Christian (Treasurer/Ratings Officer)
  • Leo Minol (Lton)
  • Tony Sturges (Junior Chess)
  • David Middleton (Sandy Bay)

There was no representative from Burnie.


  • David Ferris (Vice-President)


Minutes of the meeting of 6/11/00 were confirmed by agreement.

Matters Arising:


Office Bearers:

The following were elected unopposed until March 2003:

  • President: Leo Minol
  • Vice-President: David Ferris (subject to agreement)
  • Secretary: Kevin Bonham
  • Treasurer/Ratings Officer: David Christian
  • Junior Chess: Tony Sturges

Financial Report:

David Christian stated that the position of the TCA is good with $1081 in bank.  He again discussed ramifications of the ACF restructure.  It was considered that there was no net effect on TCA finances but that organisers may need to raise entry fees for events slightly to compensate for the additional cost of about $1 per player per event.  For players and for clubs incorporating TCA membership this will be offset by the abolition of the TCA membership fee.

It was discussed that the new arrangements benefit players who play only in weekenders but not in clubs, and do nothing to discourage “freeloaders” who play in weekenders and win money, but put little back into the clubs.  David Middleton suggested small discounts on entry fees to club members.  This was considered a good idea in principle, but also an extra bureaucratic complication.  We considered that the problem was one we would just have to live with.

General Business:

Forfeits for not recording result:

MOVED Bonham: that players who leave the venue in TCA events without ensuring that their game result has been recorded or known to the arbiters (unless that result is a loss) be subject to: (a) a verbal warning for the first such occurrence by that player (b) loss of points scored in that game for a second offence unless there are extenuating circumstances.   CARRIED (Dissent: Sturges, citing harshness of policy)

It was noted that some players are continuing to leave venues without recording their results in spite of both written and verbal notices from the arbiters asking them otherwise.

Drug Testing:

Kevin Bonham raised this issue to gain feedback for the purposes of representing the state in ACF discussions on this issue.  All present were concerned about the direction of drug testing in chess.  Tony Sturges opposed drug testing entirely.

MOVED Bonham: that the TCA accepts in principle the aims of drug-testing but has major reservations about the practical direction of drug-testing.  We only support drug-testing on the conditions that it is:

confined to major events of international standing

not a significant financial burden on events

policed using a reasonable and credible list of banned substances, which does not discriminate against players with medical needs

CARRIED (Dissent: Sturges, see above)

ACF Conference Representation:

Leo Minol clarified that he had known nothing about the possibility of him representing the TCA at the ACF national conference until very close to the date, and therefore attended as an observer only.  Kevin Bonham mentioned the difficulty Tasmania has had in finding delegates for the Conference, but relayed an offer to act as Tasmanian representative from ACF Secretary Paul Broekhuyse.


Leo Minol mentioned the difficulty in obtaining billets for players at many events.  It was considered this is especially a problem in Hobart.  We agreed to include the question “Are you able to billet other players if necessary?” on entry forms and to try to find more people willing to billet (even when not playing) through the clubs.

Meeting Closed:

4:30 pm