TCA AGM Minutes 11th of March 2002

Annual General Meeting held in Hobart, 12th of March 2002, following the LD Weeknder

Meeting Opened:

3:00 pm


  • Leo Minol (President) (chair)
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary) (chair)
  • David Christian (Treasurer/Ratings Officer)
  • Tony Sturges (outgoing Junior Chess)
  • Nigel Frame
  • Graeme Richards (HICC)
  • Reg Harvey
  • John Slidziunas (left 3:20)




Minutes of the meeting of 5/11/01  were confirmed subject to the correction that all clause numbers from clause 22(b) onwards are increased by two. (MOVED: Minol/Harvey, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY)

Matters Arising:


Correspondence In:

  1. From Phil Donnelly, 3 Feb 2002: “conclusion” of Burnie club dispute
  2. From Phil Donnelly, 3 Feb 2002: legal waiver re above
  3. From Lazar Divkovic, 27 Feb 2002, application to affiliate Qg3 club

Correspondence Out:

  1. To Phil Donnelly, 3 Feb 2002, acknowledge above

Treasurers Report:

David Christian reported a loss of approximately $300 in the past year, this being due to the unexpected continuation of the ACF State Levy and the absence of the Junior Championships which usually return profits of $200 or more

Office Bearers:

The following were elected unopposed until March 2004:

  • President: Leo Minol
  • Vice President: Graham Richards
  • Secretary: Kevin Bonham
  • Treasurer/Ratings Officer: David Christian
  • Junior Chess Officer: Reg Harvey

The TCA thanked Tony Sturges for his work as Junior Chess Officer over several years.

General Business

Affiliation of the Qg3 Club, Glenorchy:

MOVED Bonham/Harvey that the Qg3 Chess Club, Glenorchy, be affiliated CARRIED (Dissent: Nigel Frame, citing opposition to affiliation of a possibly closed club)

It was resolved that the Secretary enquire whether the club had closed or open membership for future reference.

It was noted that the former Hobart International Chess Club no longer exists and that the former Sandy Bay Chess Club has been renamed “Hobart International Chess Club”.

Junior Chess / Schools Levy:

It was discussed that the ACF Schools levy involves a fee of $3 per team for teams entering competitions which may lead to qualification for the national schools finals.  It was resolved that we hold teams event this year as closed Tasmanian events not leading to national qualification and not incurring any fees.

Reg Harvey discussed progress towards re-establishment of junior chess, with schools competitions in Burnie and Launceston looking feasible and statewide individual championships expected in Hobart on the second week of the September school holidays (Tony Sturges stated that David Brooks has returned and this venue is again available.)

Motion of Thanks to David Ferris:

MOVED (Christian/Sturges) that the TCA write a letter of thanks to outgoing Vice-President David Ferris thanking him for his contributions to Tasmanian chess. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Cheque Signatories:

MOVED (Christian/Bonham) that the current Treasurer, Vice-President and Secretary be signatories on the TCA bank account with the Treasurer and either of the other two named to sign.  CARRIED

ACF Conference:

Kevin Bonham delivered a verbal report on representing Tasmania at the National Conference.

Meeting Closed:

3:55 pm