TCA AGM Minutes 13th of June 2005

Annual General Meeting held in Burnie, 13th of June 2005, following the Tasmanian Open.

Meeting Opened:

1:00 pm


  • Leo Minol (President),
  • Graham Richards (Vice-President),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • Neville Ledger (BCC),
  • Phil Donnelly,
  • Russell Horton,
  • Marianne Dyer (obs),
  • Grainney Hendrey (obs),
  • Thomas Hendrey (arrived 1:25).

Observers were advised that they had speaking but not voting rights.


  • Dallas Fry (LCC delegate),
  • Paul Berzins


MOVED Neville/Graham that the minutes of the AGM of 14/6/04 be accepted. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Matters Arising:

Police check – Kevin reported that this is an issue for employers or agencies accepting volunteers and that the TCA has no role in ensuring police checks for coaching.
Money reclaimed – Kevin reported that the money from the lost TCA account has been reclaimed successfully with the exception of a $20 processing fee.

Correspondence In:

  1. Reg Harvey, 18 June 04, resignation as junior chess officer (by phone message)
  2. David Cordover, 15 Apr 05, proposal for approval of Interschool events for qualification to Australian Schools Teams Final
  3. David Christian, 1 May 05, intention to gradually relinquish currently held TCA offices as soon as orderly takeover can be arranged
  4. David Cordover, 5 May 05, proposal to run or promote Tasmanian Junior Championships

Correspondence Out:

  1. Peter Parr, 22 June 04, thankyou letter for alerting us to unclaimed moneys
  2. David Cordover, 15 Apr 05, proposal for approval of Interschool events for qualification to Australian Schools Teams Final
  3. TCA executive, 1 May 2005, notice of meeting and thankyou to David Christian
  4. David Cordover, 5 May 2005, proposal to run or promote Tasmanian Junior Championships

Treasurer’s Report:

Held over.

General Business:

Junior Championships:

Meeting went into committee to discuss various proposals at 1:10pm and again at 1:25pm. 

MOVED Graham/Phil that we negotiate with David Cordover re Chess Kids conducting the Tasmanian Championships on the weekend of Sep 17-18 2005 on behalf of the TCA.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY (ABSTENTIONS: Kevin, Thomas – both declaring conflict of interest.)

Resolved that approval be subject to the following conditions: event run on single weekend, entry fees reasonable, all existing titles recognised, TCA retains control of titles, TCA receives commission ideally towards upper end of $2-$5 per player fee suggested by David Cordover, approval is trial for 1 year only.  Phil Donnelly appointed to negotiate with entry forms and agreement on commission to be subject to TCA executive approval.

Thomas Hendrey left meeting.

Interschool Championships:

Kevin outlined issues regarding the approval of this event arising from the Australian Chess Federation’s schools levy system.  MOVED Graham/Phil that we approve the Chess Kids Tasmanian teams events for 2005 as qualifiers for the Australian Schools Teams Final subject to agreement being reached between David Cordover and the ACF on the level of schools teams levy to be paid, with Kevin to act as intermediary for negotiations between the two.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY (ABSTENTION: Kevin.)

Prizemoney Division and Guarantees for TCA events:

An existing practice of requiring two ratings prizes each of not less than 10% of the prize pool having never been codified as policy,

MOVED Kevin/Graham that this policy be codified.  After discussion, MOTION WITHDRAWN

MOVED Kevin/Graham that henceforth there be at least two ratings prizes offered, each to be at least 1.5 times the non-discounted maximum entry fee.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

RESOLVED that the TCA undertakes, on a trial basis, to top up any prize pools below $600 to that amount, with the intention of enabling organisers to specify guaranteed prizes (eg guaranteed first) should they wish to do this.


  • 2005                September                Hobart
  • 2005                November                 Launceston
  • 2006                January                      Open for bids
  • 2006                March                         Burnie (Tas Champs)
  • 2006                June                            Hobart
  • 2006                September                Launceston
  • 2006                November                 Burnie

RESOLVED that the Australia Day weekend 2006 be declared open for expressions of interest from clubs wishing to host a TCA weekender on this date, with the first expression of interest to reach Kevin by email to be approved to run the event.

Draft entry forms to TCA executive:

RESOLVED that draft entry forms for TCA events must be sent to the TCA executive so they can be checked for conformity with existing TCA policies (eg prize distribution, event titling) prior to circulation.

Entry cutoffs:

RESOLVED that clubs are permitted to specify a cutoff time and date not more than a week before the event commences, beyond which late entries cannot be guaranteed to be accepted. 

Meeting Closed:

2:25 pm.