TCA AGM Minutes 14th of June 2004

Annual General Meeting held in Hobart, 14th of June 2004, following the Tasmanian Open

Meeting Opened:

1:00 pm


  • Leo Minol (President),
  • Graham Richards (Vice-President),
  • David Christian (Treas/Ratings Officer),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary), Peter. Billam


  • Dallas Fry (Lton delegate),
  • Paul Berzins,
  • Tony Sturges,
  • Phil Donnelly

(NB: Reg Harvey (Junior Chess) absent as a result of a clerical error made by KB in the Notice of Meeting email – KB).


Minutes of the AGM of 10/6/03 were taken as read.

Matters Arising:


Election of Office Bearers:

Existing officebearers all re-elected unopposed with the exception of Junior Chess Officer, to be left open until it is determined whether Reg Harvey is still available given frequent absences from state.

President’s Report:

Leo thanked the clubs and committee and apologised for inactivity during the past year.  Constitution still needs work, esp. Exec/Ctee elections issue.  Junior Chess Officer usually away.  General lack of interest in TCA business from officebearers.

Financial Report:

David tabled report showing $1144 in bank account and $593.75 in lost B+E account.  Look at spending this money when it is definitely available.  Kevin to write thankyou letter to Peter Parr re B+E account tipoff.

General Business:

Junior Championships:

Agreed that event be held in Launceston because of greater number of definitely available organisers.  David reported that only one perpetual trophy remained.  It was agreed that it was not a good idea to give out perpetual trophies to winners.  Proposal for U15 and U18 divisions replacing U14/U16/U18 was discussed.  Instead MOVED Graham that U14, U16 and U18 divisions be combined in a single tournament.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Future Events:

Launceston to be added to rotation cycles for Championship and Open from 2005 onwards.

MOVED David/Graham that the Tasmanian Championships be in the form of a 7 round Swiss henceforth.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

It was noted that this would not apply to the Tasmanian Open as it is impractical to hold a 7-round event and the Tasmanian Lightning on the same weekend.

Correspondence In:

  1. Bas van Riel, 12 and 14 Feb 2004 – Tas Champs / Begonia event clash
  2. David Cordover, 13 June 2004 – ChessKids proposal to run Schools teams event (see below)

Correspondence Out:

  1. Bas van Riel, 12 Feb 2004, as above.

TCA Policy re Police Check for events involving children:  Kevin to obtain legal clarification on our obligations in this area.

ChessKids Interschool Proposal:

MOVED David/Graham The TCA welcomes the proposal to conduct a schools chess competition in Tasmania by Chess Kids and will give its endorsement and use of logo providing that the TCA is in agreement with the format and procedures for conducting the tournaments.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY (Abstention: Kevin)

MOVED David/Graham The TCA will endorse the school teams winning the respective state finals of the Chess Kids schools tournament as Tasmania's official entrants in the appropriate national schools championships divisions provided the tournaments have, in the TCA's view, been conducted in such a manner as to provide opportunity for participation for the widest possible range of Tasmanian children, and to have advanced the favourable profile of junior
chess in Tasmania. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY (Abstention: Kevin)

MOVED Graham/Peter the TCA will have no legal liabilities for the conduct of the events or for any incidents occurring in or arising from them.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY (Abstention: Kevin)

Kevin abstained from the above motions due to potential conflict of interest arising from negotiations with David Cordover about future employment in junior chess coaching.

Also resolved:

  1. If Chess Kids does not run a qualifying / lead-up event for a given division in any of the three main chess centres (Hobart, Launceston.  North-West Coast) in any given year, the TCA may declare any schools teams events that have been run by others in such a centre to be qualifiers for the state finals.
  2. Kevin to advise David Cordover that the  TCA does not currently own chess equipment.  If it is necessary to borrow equipment to meet demand, then the TCA's member clubs are likely to be able to assist.  Clubs may wish to charge a hire fee for equipment but this is a matter for the individual clubs to determine, as it is outside the TCA's responsibilities.
  3. Kevin to act as point of contact between David Cordover and TCA officebearers for any material requiring TCA consideration.

Meeting closed:

2:40 pm