TCA AGM Minutes 9th of March 2009

Meeting held in Burnie, 9th of March 2009, after the Tasmanian Championships

Meeting Opened:

1:00 pm


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • David Hughes (Acting BCC delegate),
  • Nigel Lewis,
  • Russell Horton (JCO),
  • Tony Dowden (LCC)


  • Leo Minol (Treasurer),
  • Dylan Kuzmic (Ratings),
  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC),
  • Nigel Frame (HICC),
  • Ross George (Webmaster)


Held over – source document missing but expected to be found soon.

President’s Report:

Tabled.  Graham reported that 2008 was a solid year with junior chess continuing to thrive and a great challenge awaiting with the 2010 Australian Junior to be held in Hobart. 

MOVED David/Russell that the President’s Report be accepted.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Treasurer’s Report:

Tabled showing net balance of $1136.40 of which $165.74 in Junior account

MOVED Kevin/Nigel that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Junior Chess Officer’s Report:

Russell reported that Tas Junior numbers were down and a change of format to split the tournament into a serious tournament and a novice-oriented tournament will be trialled.  Princes St Primary being explored as a reserve/backup venue for Australian Juniors.   Russell thanked Nigel Frame, Mellissa Harvey, Ross George and Kevin Bonham for assistance.

MOVED David/Kevin that the Junior Chess Officer’s report be accepted.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


  • building crossover from Chesskids to TCA junior events. 
  • emailed entry forms are often deleted – any value in paper mailout?
  • Calendar to be distributed at Chesskids events
  • Tony thanked Russell for implementing rapid circuit proposal.

Election of Officebearers:

  • PRESIDENT: Graham Richards
  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Tony Dowden
  • SECRETARY: Kevin Bonham
  • TREASURER: Leo Minol
  • JUNIOR CHESS OFFICER: Russell Horton
  • RATINGS OFFICER: Dylan Kuzmic

all re-elected unopposed


There were no formal nominations but it was indicated both Ross George and Phil Donnelly were likely to be interested.

Meeting went into committee to discuss possible candidates.

Ross George elected subject to his agreement in secret ballot.

General Business:

2010 Australian Junior: 

Russell has approached RICOH photocopies re sponsorship.  There was some discussion of venue costs since Princes Street (less ideal than Hutchins) is available for free.  Tony suggested Education Faculty (Sandy Bay campus) as a possible venue.

Graham can make TV commercial + send press releases to newspapers, and asked for information to be conveyed on interesting entrants etc.

IAs Charles Zworestine and Roland Eime confirmed – billets needed.

MOVED David/Russell That the TCA be asked to reconsider the appointment of Ross George as webmaster on account of other representations.  MOTION LOST 0-5 (Abstention: David)

MOVED Russell/Nigel That the TCA confirms the appointment of Ross George as webmaster for the Australian Junior and thanks him for his work so far.


Standardising Increments

MOVED Kevin/Tony that the TCA recommends a time control of 90/+15 for the Tasmanian Championships CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOVED Tony/Kevin that the TCA recommends a time control of 90/+15 for the Tasmanian Open CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Meeting closed: