TCA AGM Minutes 8th of March 2010

Meeting held in Hobart, 8th of March 2010, after the Tasmanian Championships

Meeting Opened:

1:00 pm


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Leo Minol (Treasurer),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • Mellissa Harvey,
  • Owen Short,
  • Harry Briant,
  • Lawrence Bretag,
  • Marcus Bretag


  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC),
  • Ross George (Webmaster),
  • Michael Lucht (LCC),
  • Tony Dowden (Vice-President)


Minutes of previous AGM were confirmed.


Correspondence In:

Brian Jones, 28 Feb 2010, Grand Prix sponsorship class 4 offer

Correspondence Out:


Business Arising from Correspondence:

Brian Jones’ offer to sponsor a Class 4 event in Tasmania by waiving Grand Prix fees was discussed but a motion moved by Kevin to accept it for the 2011 Tas Open was deferred as it was felt that more discussion was needed about whether a status upgrade to event would bring strong mainland players, especially if the event clashed with mainland class fives.


Executive Reports:

President's Report:

Graham reported that the year had seen senior players few in number while junior chess flourished.  Australian Junior was a highlight and a great success.  Graham announced the results of major events and reported that Nigel Frame had started a social chess club at the HICC to fit between

MOVED Leo/Lawrence that the report be accepted.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Treasurers Report:

Leo distributed report showing $1586.09 current balance (excluding Australian Juniors money) with $434.85 held for ratings and an expected estimated surplus of $3348 from Australian Junior.

MOVED Leo/Mellissa:

That the profit from the Australian Junior be allocated to TCA junior chess expenditure
That the use of the junior chess funds be determined by the TCA junior chess subcommittee


Ratings: MOVED Mellissa/Leo that clubs pay ratings fees only when invoiced by the TCA Treasurer CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOVED Leo/Mellissa that the Treasurers Report be received.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Election of Officebearers:

All the following were elected unopposed, in the case of those marked * subject to their willingness to continue in their current position.

  • President: Graham Richards
  • Vice-President: Lawrence Bretag
  • Secretary: Kevin Bonham
  • Treasurer: Leo Minol
  • Junior Chess Officer: Russell Horton
  • Webmaster: Ross George
  • Ratings Officer: Dylan Kuzmic

Kevin noted that in his view it would be worth considering reducing the workload of the Secretary position by creating a Program Officer type position but suggested that this be discussed further rather than creating such a position immediately.

General Business:

Cooling for venues:

Resolved that clubs should ensure tournament venues are adequately ventilated and cooled in warm conditions, including by hiring air conditioning if necessary and affordable. 

Junior State Meeting:

TCA junior chess meeting scheduled for weekend of Tasmanian Open in June.

Aus Junior:

Russell congratulated Hobart organisers on running of tournament and the Executive’s appreciation for Russell’s work on the event was recorded.  Event went well.  Accounts likely to show small net loss, but profit of a few thousand dollars likely from canteen and accommodation.  Russell reported on the Sandler/Cordover clock situation currently being discussed between CV and David Cordover, impact on TCA unclear at this stage. 

MOVED Tony/Nigel that we ask the ACF to waive ratings costs.  CARRIED (Abstention: Kevin – conflict of interest)

Grand Prix sponsorship offer:

Kevin reported on offer from Brian Jones (Australian Chess Enterprises, also ACF GP Co-ordinator) to waive fee and conditions for one Class 4 event if ACE are promoted on TCA website.  Resolved that Kevin contact Brian to determine if offer is a once-off and if so if it is confined to 2010 or available for 2011 as well.  Our preference is 2011 Tas Open (Hobart), if not then 2010 Tas Open (Burnie).  Possibility of Events Tas sponsorship.

Calendar and website: 

MOVED Nigel/Leo that the TCA maintain a calendar of events at least 12 months in advance at all times CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

It was stressed that calendar would need to be flexible and include note that events were subject to changes and changes would be notified where they occurred.  Also events could be shown as “confirmed” once confirmed.


Provisional calendar circulated by email was approved.  Mellissa suggested it should be available in flier-type form.

Rapid Series: 

Resolved to again hold three Rapid Series events but without pointscore system.  Philosophy to be all prizes given out on day but with good junior prizes to encourage junior interest.  Possible dates Hobart April, Ulverstone late May, Launceston July.

Launceston Weekender in 2011:

Leo advised would most likely be weekend close to the 26th Jan, perhaps 29-30 Jan.

Meeting closed:

4 pm