TCA AGM Minutes 13th of March 2016

Meeting held in Launceston, 13th of March 2016 during the Tasmanian Open

Meeting Opened:



  • Denis McMahon (President)
  • Ian Little (Vice-president, secretary)
  • Kevin Bonham (Ratings officer)


  • David Hughes (Treasurer)


Pursuant to rule 12.2 of the TCA constitution a quorum of 5 must be present at a general meeting. Discussion of rule 9 pertaining specifically to the AGM was had prior to the opening of the meeting. Pursuant to rule 9 no specific quorum is stated in the constitution for an AGM. Therefore as a matter of procedure in consolidation of these 2 constitutional rules the chairperson (Denis McMahon) executed his right under rule 12.4.b to dissolve the AGM at 1809h on the 13th of March 2016 as being inquorate, to be reconvened at 1840h on the 13th of March 2016.

Meeting Closed:


Meeting Opened:



  • Denis McMahon (President)
  • Ian Little (Vice-president, secretary)
  • Kevin Bonham (Ratings officer)




The minutes of the previous TCA meeting, the Executive meeting from the 26th of July 2015 were circulated prior to the start of the meeting.  No amendments were notified and the minutes were accepted as read and correct.

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted by the Executive at the TCA Executive meeting on the 8th of June 2015.  Actions arising from these minutes were also considered.

Matters arising:

Submission of Audit Exemption form. (Ian Little)

Ian Little reported that the submission of the Audit Exemption form for 2015 will be submitted with the Return of Association form for 2016, which can only be done after the 2016 AGM has been concluded, and the new executive has been confirmed.

President’s Report:

Denis McMahon, TCA President, tabled his president’s report which had previously been circulated to the TCA executive via e-mail.  No questions or comments were raised.

Report accepted (MOVED Denis, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY)

Treasurer’s Report:

It was noted by Denis McMahon that David Hughes, TCA Treasurer, circulated to the TCA executive via e-mail a copy of his treasurer’s report, and then a subsequent amended report; both prior to the AGM.  Denis McMahon tabled the amended treasurer’s report in David Hughes’ stead.  Denis McMahon questioned a cheque deposit of $220 credited to the TCA with no explanation of its origin.  Previous discussions between Denis McMahon and David Hughes revealed this was most likely TCA membership levies from the Burnie Chess Club.

Financial Statements accepted (MOVED Denis, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY)

Report accepted (MOVED Denis, CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY)

Junior Officer’s Report:

No junior officer’s report was tabled.

Discussion on Melissa Harvey’s ability and inclination to continue as TCA Junior Officer was had.  It was noted that Melissa had not re-nominated for the office of Junior Officer.  Ian Little reported that Melissa Harvey had indicated at the HCC that this would be her last year as HCC Junior Chess Officer, and that this may apply to the TCA office as well.  Further discussion on possible replacements led to Christine and/or Andrew Rumley being suggested pending their time commitments.

Discussion moved to the topic of state wide junior chess funding.  It was noted that the funds from the 2010 Australian Junior were now exhausted, and the annual chess camp was being run from funds collected by the HJCC.  It was then noted that contributions from Tasmanian chess players such as David Small and Ian Rout could be a more cost effective way to operate such chess camps in the future.

Further discussion was moved to election of office bearers: Junior Chess Officer, and then general business.

The use of the TCA website, social media, and other digital media:

Executive profiles:

Ian Little, TCA Webaster, noted that several TCA and Club executive profiles are missing and/or incomplete.  Ian Little noted that these profiles have been and will continue to be useful when dealing with external groups.  The profiles enable external groups dealing with the TCA and/or clubs to view information on the persons they are dealing with, and provide a name-to-face facility.  Ian Little gave the example of the HCC dealings with a southern private school as a time when these profiles were used and gave a positive outcome.

Denis McMahon noted some broken links from the DCC page to DCC executive profiles.

ACTION ITEM:  TCA Webmaster to fix broken profile links on TCA web page.

ACTION ITEM:  All club and TCA executive profiles to be updated and completed – club representatives to liaise with TCA Webmaster on this.

Club home pages:

Discussion on the posting of week to week results on club home pages was had.  It was agreed that duplication should be kept to a minimum.

Denis McMahon requested a standard link from the DCC home page to the DCC thread on ChessChat.

ACTION ITEM:  TCA Webmaster to create an appropriate link from the DCC home page to the DCC threat on Chess Chat.

Discussion on the personalisation and updating of individual club home pages was had.  Ian Little noted that individual clubs will benefit from having an up-to-date home page that shows upcoming club based events, relevant contact details, photos etc.  Some personalisation is possible and encouraged and club representatives can contact the TCA webmaster for more information on that.  Ian Little reminded the AGM that these pages are more for new people searching for a local club, and not necessarily for current members.

ACTION ITEM:  TCA Webmaster to contact the Burnie Chess Club, specifically Ian Rout and Dylan Kuzmic, regarding this issue.

Tournament registrations and google sheets:

Denis McMahon acknowledged the successful implementation of online tournament registrations.  Ian Little noted that most competitors have taken to the new registration format very well, and that initial “grumblings” have not led to a drop in registrations, or any other negative outcomes.

Ian Little highlighted that online registration forms are now linked to Google Sheets.  This means that after every entry, the competitors details are automatically entered into a Google Sheet, which can be shared with tournament organisers.  Ian Little explained that this can ultimately lead to not just the individual submissions being directed to individual DOP’s from the website, but that a full Excel spreadsheet of all entries will be available for download and any time.  This will give DOP’s much faster access to competitor contact details etc.

Kevin Bonham requested that dates of birth be captured on tournament entry forms.  Discussion on mandatory fields using the form block on the webpage provider led to the decision not to include such a field.  DOP’s will have to remain vigilant in capturing dates of birth for ratings purposes.

Club g-mail accounts:

Ian Little noted that every club affiliated to the TCA has an individual g-mail account, and that some clubs may not know this.  Individual club “Contact Us” forms on the web page direct inquires to these individual accounts.  The intention is for this account to then automatically forward incoming e-mails to the individual club executives.  Ian Little noted that control of these accounts could at any stage be passed to the individual clubs.  Should clubs choose to utilise these accounts for passing official notices to members they should contact the TCA Webmaster.

Club web-masters:

Ian Little noted that having points of contact within each individual club would expedite the implementation of many of the points already raised, and other issues as they come to light.  It was noted that Denis McMahon is acting in this capacity for the DCC, the HCC has an elected webmaster, and the TCA webmaster should contact the BCC.

ACTION ITEM:  TCA Webmaster to contact the BCC regarding a webmaster contact.

Digital payment for tournaments:

Ian Little noted that two tournaments have now trialled pre-payments by both credit cards and bank transfers.  In both cases the issue of cash available for prize money has resulted in personal withdrawals from individuals bank accounts.  The individual has then been reimbursed from the appropriate account at a later date.

Ian Little also noted that the credit card payments paid through the TCA website are easily confirmed as an e-mail is automatically sent to the TCA executive when payment is received; this is not the case for bank transfer payment.  To confirm a bank transfer the DOP must contact the club or association treasurer.

Ian Little noted that bank transfer payments are being used much less when compared to credit card payments.  Ian Little recommended to the AGM that the TCA and affiliated clubs cease offering bank transfers as a payment option in favour of credit card pre-payments and cash on the day payments.

Point of Order:

As a matter of procedure discussion on agenda items 10, 11, and 12 was deferred until after the election of office bearers.

2016 Annual Fees:

Discussion regarding the impact of raising levies compared with the amount of extra funds raised led to the recommendation that annual fees remained unchanged.

MOTION (Denis) Annual fees for 2016 remain unchanged. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Appointment of an appropriate auditor:

Discussion regarding Walter McMahon’s circumstances led to the conclusion that the TCA is happy for him to continue in as the TCA Auditor.  Denis McMahon relayed that Walter McMahon has indicated that he is also happy with this arrangement.

MOTION (Ian) The TCA appoint Walter McMahon as TCA Auditor for 2016 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Election of Office Bearers

The following people were all elected unopposed.

  • Denis McMahon for the office of President (nominated by Devonport Chess Club)
  • David Hughes for the office of Treasurer (nominated by Devonport Chess Club)
  • Ian Little for the office of Vice-President (self nominated)
  • Ian Little for the office of Secretary (self nominated)
  • Ian Little for the office of Webmaster (self nominated)
  • Kevin Bonham for the office of Ratings Officer (self nominated)

The TCA did not receive any nominations for the office of Junior Chess Officer.  Pursuant to rule 15.4 of the TCA constitution the AGM appointed Melissa Harvey as the Junior Chess Officer subject to her consent.  If consent is not forthcoming the TCA is to approach Christine and Andrew Rumley as potential candidates for this office, with David Small as a tertiary candidate should Christine and/or Andrew be unable or unwilling to take on the responcibility.

ACTION ITEM: Ian Little to approach Melissa Harvey to obtain consent, and follow up as appropriate.

Amendment to the TCA Digital Privacy Policy:

MOTION (Ian) All instances of Hobart International Chess Club, to Hobart Chess Club (Inc.) CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOTION (Ian) All instances of Australian Chess Federation, to Australian Chess Federation (Inc.) CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Australian Masters Games:

Discussion on the benefit of having chess included in the programme for the 2017 Australian Masters Games led to two major concerns.  The first concern centred on the organising capacity of TCA members with the fear that the organisation of this venture would fall to a single person.  The second concern centred on the Australian definition of a sport and other bureaucratic issues with the application form.

Further discussion on these concerns led to the recommendation that the TCA support Denis McMahons efforts as stated in the motion.  This recommendation was made on the understanding that Denis McMahon would exercise his best judgement on the efficacy in pursing these matters, and the TCA would by default accept and support any decision cease any and all efforts described in the motion.

MOTION (Denis) Motion to have the TCA support Denis McMahon's efforts to have chess included in the programme of activities for the 2017 Australian Masters Games in Tasmania and will make available TCA resources to the extent they are required if his efforts are successful. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Tournament Structure for Tasmanian Open and Championships

Discussions on the structure of the Tasmanian Open and the Tasmanian Championships in 2017 and beyond considered the following topics:

  • the 90+30 time control;
    • complete records;
  • the possibility of FIDE rating such tournaments;
  • playing Friday nights;
    • the impact on players with families;
    • the cost of accommodation;
    • recovery time between Friday night finishes and Saturday morning starts;
  • the efficacy of having 6 vs. 7 rounds in the Tasmanian Open

Denis McMahon requested that the AGM to indicate its preference on the dates and formats of the rest of the 2016 TCA calendar, and its preference on the structure of future Tasmanian Opens and Tasmanian Championships.

Agreement was reached that the Tasmanian Championships should not be less than 7 rounds, which requires a long weekend to play.  It was indicated that the Eight Hours Day long weekend in March was the usual weekend on which the Tasmanian Championships was held.  However, for 2016 the Queen’s Birthday long weekend is the only remaining suitable weekend.

Denis McMahon suggested a possible structure for future events could include 2 games on Saturday, 3 games on Sunday, and 2 games on Monday.  This structure intends to allow travel time on Saturday morning and Monday evening, thus reducing the number of nights’ accommodation, and making events more attractive for competitors with familial commitments.

It was argued that Friday night rounds actively dis-incentivises competitors in paid employment and with families.  Therefore a 7 round tournament on a long weekend would require at least 1 3 round day.  It was also argued, in support of this, that stamina is a worthwhile testing quality in a competition at the level of state championship.  The counter argument that in many cases competitors with familial commitments do not attend weekend tournaments in their local area was made, with a note that the 1930h start time provides a 2-2 ½ hour driving time for working competitors and a ½ point bye can and has been made available for people to utilize.

Meeting Adjourned:

With the permission of the AGM the meeting was adjourned at 1931h for dinner and refreshments.

Meeting Reconvened:

The AGM was reconvened at 2127h

Tournament Structure for Tasmanian Open and Championships (Cont.)

Discussion on future TCA tournaments and tournament formats led to the following decisions:

  • 2016 Tasmanian Championship to be held in Burnie on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June with the format of 3 games on Saturday, 3 games on Sunday, and 1 game on Monday with a time control of 90+15
  • 2017 Tasmanian Championship, and beyond, to be in Launceston on the Eight Hour Day long weekend in March with the format of 2 games on Saturday, 3 games on Sunday, and 2 games on Monday, with a base time of 90+30, to be trialled in 2017.
  • Tasmanian Rapid Championship to be in Devonport each year.
  • Tasmanian Open and Lightning to alternate between Hobart and Burnie subject to review each year.  The HCC agreed to host the Tasmanian Open and Lightning any time the BCC was unable or unwilling to.  The tournaments will be held on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June.

MOTION (Denis) The 2016 Tasmanian Championship to be held in Burnie on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June; the 2017 Tasmanian Championship to be in Launceston on the Eight Hour Day long weekend in March; the 2016 and 2017 State Rapid Championship to be in Devonport in July; and the 2017 Tasmanian Open and Lightning to be held in Hobart on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

MOTION (Denis) 2017 Tasmanian Championship, and beyond, to be in Launceston on the Eight Hour Day long weekend in March with the format of 2 games on Saturday, 3 games on Sunday, and 2 games on Monday, with a base time of 90+30, to be trialled in 2017.  Subject to review of survey information at the next TCA Executive meeting. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Any Other Business:

Sponsorship and funding:

Discussion was had regarding seeking a sponsor of state junior chess with the intention of ACF rating more junior events so that juniors making the transition to club based chess outside of the schools system find the transition less jarring.

Seeking sponsorship for senior chess should promote and target the health benefits of chess.  Possible avenues of funding involve research facilities such as MENZIES and UTAS.

Membership Levies and Lists

Denis McMahon, TCA President, noted his displeasure at the current state of the TCA membership lists.  While he was confident all clubs and members had paid the appropriate levies and fees, he was not convinced that a suitable members list was available.  This causes some problems for DOP’s when new players are required to pay an individual TCA levy, but a list of current members cannot be made available to them.

MOTION (Denis) Invoices be sent from the TCA Treasurer to clubs immediately following the 30th of June each year for membership levies.  Payments should be accompanied by a list of members which includes e-mail addresses, and other available contact information. CARRIEND UNANIMOUSLY

Meeting Closed: