The Australian Junior Chess Championships 2010

Tasmania Hosts National Junior Championships

A resurgence of Junior Chess in Tasmania was recognized nationally with the decision to play the Australian Junior Chess Championships in Hobart in January of 2010.

The championship was a 2 week long  event held at the Hutchins School on Nelson Rd in Sandy Bay between the 14th and 25th of January 2010.  A total of 119 juniors from around the country took part in the event; the full list of entrants can be found here.

The competition consisted of:

  • a classical tournament;
    • U18 (including U16 and U14) 90min + 60sec, 11 round swiss (boys) 9 round swiss (girls)
    • U12 (uncluding U10 and U8) 60min +30sec, 11 round swiss (boys) 10 round single round-robin (girls)
  • a rapid tournament;
    • U18 (including U16 and U14) 20min + 10sec, 6 round swiss (boys and girls combined)
    • U12 (including U10 and U8) 20min + 10sec, 6 round swiss (boys and girls combined)
  • a lightning tournament;
    • Adult 5min, 9 round swiss
    • U18 (including U16 and U14) 5min (boys and girls combined)
    • U12 (including U16 and U14) 5min (boys and girls combined)
  • and a problems solving competition.

Entry into the main competition was $100 for U18's and $90 for U12's, with a $10 discount for entries recieved before the 30th of November 2009.  Entries closed at 11:59pm on the 31st of December 2009.  Entry into the additional competitions was $10 for the problem solving competition, and $20 each for the Rapid and Lightning competitions.


Throughout the event then Secretary of the TCA, Director of Play, and Bulletin Editor Kevin Bonham produced daily bulletins for the benefit of competitors, parents, guardians, chaperones, spectators, and sponsors.  A complete record of these can be viewed and downloaded below.


Without the help of our major sponsors it would have been impossible for a small state organisation like the TCA to host such an event.  This event was one of the most prestigious chess event ever to be held in Tasmania with nearly 100 interstate players and 20 Tasmanian juniors taking part, entries certainly exceeded expectations.  The sponsorship from Chesskids and Tasmanian Government (through Events Tasmania) along with assistance of from the Hobart City Council, Ricoh Tasmania and Australian Chess Enterprises ensured a successful event.

Thank you.

Australian Junior Chess Championships 2010