TCA Minutes 11th of June 2007

Meeting held in Hobart, 11th of June 2007, after the Tasmanian Championships

Meeting Opened:

1:30 pm


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC delegate),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary/ acting Ratings Officer),
  • Leo Minol (Treasurer) Russell Horton (JCO)


  • Ross George (Webmaster),
  • Tony Dowden

Minutes :

Minutes of the AGM of 12/3/07 were accepted unanimously subject to correction to note that Russell Horton voted in favour of email motion (b) (Moved Russell/Carey)

Matters Arising:

TCA Schools Teams Championships- only response received was verbal response from David Cordover who is willing to cover ACF fee of $158 in return for event being an official TCA title and leading to Aus Schools qualification

MOVED Russell/Carey that we accept David’s offer for 2007  CARRIED (Abstention: Kevin, conflict of interest)

Guidelines for communication – Graham to follow through for next meeting
Constitutional amendments – Kevin and Graham to follow up

Correspondence In:

Neville Ledger, 19 April, Carey Kuzmic appointed BCC delegate

Phil Donnelly, 30 May, declining Vice-President position

Correspondence Out:

(from Graham), Phil Donnelly, 12 March, Vice-President position


Vice-President: No nominations.  All clubs to be asked for expressions of interest.

Ratings Officer:  Dylan Kuzmic interested.  Kevin to discuss position with him with a view to handover in near future.  Kevin to continue in position until this occurs.

Treasurers Report:

Leo presented report with closing balance $1400.94.  Some discrepancies with previous statement, probably because of moneys from Tas Championships and HIJCC cheque (Kevin).  HICC statement from Tas Champs outstanding – Graham and Kevin to follow up. 

MOVED Leo/Russell that the Treasurers Report be received.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Kevin noted that we have $60 ratings credit with ACF. 

General Business:

BCC ratings motion from Phil Donnelly:

Motion lapsed in absence of original mover and with no other wish that it proceed.  However, it was resolved that Kevin negotiates with ACF ratings officers for more information to be provided to states and general greater clarity about ratings requirements.

TCA Schedule:

Schedule as circulated was adopted, confirming Tasmanian Championships 2007 for Launceston, March and Tasmanian Open 2007 for Hobart, June.

Junior Camp: 

Russell tabled report on Junior Chess Camp Latrobe High May 2007.  25 juniors attended.  Proceeds of $255 to go to junior fund.  Recommended that camp be held in late March-early April before junior sports begin.  (Full report filed)

Tasmanian Junior Champs 2007:

8-9 Sep 2007, Launceston.  Entry form tabled (copy filed).  U14 up to be main-list rated at G60+10’ per move

Any Other Business:

Titled coach:

Russell discussed possibility of hiring a titled coach to attend September training camp.  Agreed that Russell be empowered to explore option of hiring titled coach.

Aus Junior Sydney 2008:

Russell seeking to organise small Tasmanian delegation to attend event.  Possibility of coach to be likewise explored.

Meeting closed:

2:05 pm