TCA Minutes 16th of September 2007

Meeting held in Hobart, 16th of September 2007, after the Hobart Weekender

Meeting Opened:



  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • Ross George (Webmaster),
  • Russell Horton (JCO)


  • Leo Minol (Treasurer),
  • Dylan Kuzmic (Ratings),
  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC)


Minutes of the meeting of 10 June were accepted unanimously.

Record of motions tabled via email since last meeting:

MOVED That Dylan Kuzmic be appointed TCA Ratings Officer effective 5 September. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY on 2 September.

Treasurers Report:

Tabled, showing balance of $1995.51 in bank.

MOVED Russell/Kevin that insurance be paid.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

General Business:

Constitutional Amendments: 

MOVED Kevin/Russell that the Constitution be amended as follows:

* Add new clauses 21 and 22:
21) The Webmaster:
The Webmaster, whose post shall be honorary, shall be elected at the Annual
General Meeting for the ensuing twelve months.

22) Duties of the Webmaster
The Webmaster shall maintain an online presence for the TCA, which shall
include contact details, information about clubs, information about upcoming
events, tournament reports (where available) and any other information which
the Webmaster considers may interest members.

* Renumber existing clauses as required.


MOVED Kevin/Russell that That all occurrences of the word "biennial" in the TCA Constitution
be removed and replaced as follows:

* In 6(j), change "biennial Executive meeting" to "Executive meeting"
* In 13(h), change "biennial meeting" to "Executive meeting"
* In 22 (h), change "biennial meeting" to "Executive meeting"
* In 25, change "a biennial meeting" to "Executive meeting"


Tasmanian Championships Draft:

MOVED Russell/Ross that the Tasmanian Championships 2008 draft supplied by the LCC be approved.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Noted that a minimum of 45 minutes between games for each player should be provided, however all present were confident the LCC would ensure this anyway so saw no need to make it a condition.

Payment for Carl Gorka:

MOVED Russell that payment of coaching fees ($800), to Carl Gorka be approved for coaching at the Carlton Beach camp.  The amount to be topped up from other sources if full amount is not available from TCA junior funds.

Trophies for Women and Senior Championships

No action was taken with respect to this item but it was noted as an item for the next agenda.

Meeting closed: