TCA Minutes 16th of August 2008

Meeting held in Hobart, 16th of August 2008, following the Hobart Weekender

Meeting Opened: 

2:45  pm


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Ross George (Webmaster),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • Nigel Frame (HICC),
  • Russell Horton (JCO),
  • Mellisa Harvey (Observer).


  • Tony Dowden,
  • Leo Minol (Treasurer)


Minutes of the meeting of 9 June were accepted unanimously.

Matter Arising:

Womens and Seniors champion trophies – no further progress

Record of motions carried between minutes by email:

MOVED Kevin (16 June) that the Treasurers Report be received and all accounts endorsed for payment. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


None tabled

Treasurers Report:

Moved Russell/Nigel that the Treasurers Report be accepted and all accounts approved for payment.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Leo having advised of his impending absence, Kevin appointed Acting Treasurer until Leo’s return in November.  Leo has arranged redirection of account for insurance.

General Business:

Bid for Australian Junior 2010

It was noted that SACA had exercised an option on this event but that Kevin understood from George Howard that SACA did not intend using that option and were exercising it to deter competitor bids. 

Matters discussed included:

  • prospective Australian Junior Chess League and standardisation of requirements
  • need to fix dates depending on venue
  • options checked included Collegiate, Hutchins, Friends (no hall available), Tas Uni Union, Christ College, Jane Franklin Hall (accommodation at last two)
  • Events Tasmania grants with possibility of up to 30% rebate, but grants harder to obtain in summer
  • Russell willing to work on budget to some degree
  • Russell and Mellissa to work out venue based on available dates
  • Kevin to find past dates and check with Jenni Oliver on suitability of dates
  • Possibility of 11 day tournament with doubling up of rounds eg Jan 14th-24th or 12th-22nd – need to consider not starting too early (Aus Champs) or ending too late (need to allow time for back to school)

Meeting closed:

3:30 pm