TCA Minutes 26th of October 2008

Meeting held in Burnie, 26th of October 2008, following the Burnie Shines Weekender

Meeting Opened:

2:30  pm


  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • Nigel Frame (HICC),
  • Russell Horton (JCO),
  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC),
  • Alastair Dyer and Kevin Hendrey (Observers).  (Note: “Kevin” in minutes below denotes Kevin Bonham).


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Leo Minol (Treasurer),
  • Ross George (Webmaster)


Minutes of the meeting of 16 August were accepted unanimously.

General Business:

Bid for Australian Junior 2010

Russell has prepared draft balance. 

We need some funding/sponsorship if we are to provide giveaways to entrants. 

Grants Tas – little in way of grants as summer is popular time.

Kevin to look at venues in consultation with Mellissa – Collegiate and Hutchins.  Hutchins more expensive but willing to match Collegiate (which has no air conditioning).  Hutchins further out and newer facility, but colleges closer.

Kevin to prepare application.  Russell to email Kevin budget.

Ross may be able to get code done for starting website

Bid to be submitted December-January. 

A concern remains number of people available to staff – Nigel to form list of likely attendees.  Also who will publish newsletter.

TCA Events 2009

In accordance with current GP rotation schedule for weekenders is:

  • Australia Day weekend – Launceston
  • Labor Day weekend – Tas Champs, Burnie
  • QB Weekend – Tas Open, Launceston
  • August – Hobart Weekender
  • September – Tas Junior
  • Late October – Burnie Shines

It was resolved to ask clubs to host a series of adult/junior one-day rapids along the following lines:

5 rounds x 25 mins + 5 secs/move.  Recommended playing time from 11am – 5 pm (allows time for short lunch break).

Recommended entry fee $30 adults / $25 conc / $15 junior

70% of available money to prizes on day.  30% pooled to be distributed to juniors in divisions U18, U12, Girls on the basis of a GP style points system across all three rapids, with points for simply participating.

Possible schedule April-May Hobart, July Burnie, November Launceston.

ACF Conference

Kevin intends going over and was appointed TCA delegate in that event.

Meeting closed:

3:15 pm