TCA Minutes 9th of June 2009

Meeting held in Burnie, 9th of June 2009, after the Tasmanian Open

Meeting Opened: 

7:35 pm


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Leo Minol (Treasurer),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary),
  • Russell Horton (JCO),
  • Tony Dowden (Vice-President),
  • Nigel Frame (HICC),
  • Mellissa Harvey (observer)


  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC),
  • Ross George (Webmaster),
  • David Hughes (BCC)


Minutes of meeting 9 March were confirmed.

Correspondence In:

Phil Donnelly, 28 April, discontinuation of BCC website and content of “Site Closed” notice

Correspondence Out:

Graham to Phil Donnelly, 23 April, discontinuation of BCC website and content of “Site Closed” notice

MOVED Nigel/Tony that we support and endorse Graham’s action in the matter  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

General Business:

HICC Account:  

Leo noted that a bill to HICC for part of ratings fees is very overdue.  Kevin stated that invoice had been passed to HICC Treasurer and he expected it would be resolved soon.

Rapid Series II in Ulverstone:

As Russell and Vincent will be away on scheduled date need to reschedule event, probably to 25 July unless a date in early August is preferred following meetings.  Tentatively resolved to reschedule to 25 July.  State Junior scheduled for 3-4 October.

2010 Australian Junior:  

Following is a note-form summary of (most) issues canvassed

  • Many villa bookings taken – 4 from individuals, 5 expected from Vic, groups from Qld, NSW.  Website running solely off TCA page, need to ensure AUSJCL links. 
  • Definite sponsor RICOH Tasmania.  Applied to Simplot, IGA, Tasmania Events (finalised end June), Hobart City Council.  Unlikely to get other major sponsors.  Graham producing TV advert.  In kind sponsorship – explore Birchalls. 
  • Use of equipment: MOVED Russell/Tony that we write to Chesskids and formally accept David’s offer subject to specified content of scoresheets and any advertising of events must meet with TCA approval.  Kevin to draft letter.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY
  • Possible charging for bulletins.  Graham to come up with a list for possible parent day trips.  Russell to talk to contact at TIC.
  • Social functions in evening as well as breakup function end of tournament.
  • Possibility of buses to meet entrants at airport. 
  • Arbiters – billet or accommodate in villas and cover?
  • Hutchins letter of conditions tabled.  It was felt that some of Hutchins’ conditions were onerous and did not display ideal level of co-operation on their part
  • Princes St as possible reserve venue – unclear whether new buildings will be completed in time.
  • Trophies for Tasmanian juniors who performed strongly.  Resolved that we write to clubs asking them to sponsor trophies for this purpose.  Nigel offered donation subject to tax deductibility.  Kevin to investigate tax deductibility.
  • Leadup to Aus Junior – discounts and vouchers at Tas Junior (10%)

Meeting closed

9:15 pm