TCA Minutes 23rd of July 2017

Meeting held in Devonport, 23rd of July 2017 after the Tasmanian Rapid Championships




  • Denis McMahon (President)
  • Kevin Bonham (Vice-president, Ratings officer)
  • Ian Little (Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster)
  • Reg Harvey (BCC President)
  • Ian Rout (BCC Delegate)
  • Aidan Cox (LCC Delegate)
  • David Hughes (DCC Delegate)
  • Christine Rumley (Junior Chess Officer)




The minutes of the previous TCA executive meeting (12th of June 2017) were circulated via e-mail prior to the meeting. No amendments were notified; the minutes were accepted as read and correct.

Matters arising:

  • Luwanna Beeton’s Glen Gibbs nomination

Ian Little contacted Kerry Beeton regarding Luwanna’s nomination for the 2017 Glen Gibbs award to inform him that as per recent changes to the Glen Gibbs committee, no formal nomination was required.

  • Launceston Chess Club’s privacy/child protection obligations and strategies

Discussions held at the commencement of the executive meeting informed the LCC of their obligations to protect juniors within the club, and the requirement for LCC executive members to have working with children cards, and to seek permission from parents when recording and posting images of their children.

  • Ian Little to write to David Walsh and/or his MONA liaison and open relations between MONA and the TCA. – Ongoing
  • Ian Little, in consultation with Denis McMahon, to draft a set of TCA Event Guidelines for presentation to the TCA Executive. – Ongoing
  • Ian Little Liaise with Kevin Bonham on the most recent version of all documents relating to the ACF’s Code of Ethics and where to find them. – Ongoing
  • Ian Little to incorporate appropriate references and/or links to all relevant ACF Code of Ethics documents in the draft of the TCA Event Guidelines, and on the TCA website once the TCA Event Guidelines have been approved and adopted. – Ongoing

Motions Moved in Advance:

As per the Agenda all motions moved in advance by e-mail were carried.

TCA President, Denis McMahon added his thanks to David Hughes (former TCA Treasurer) for his service, and to both Kevin Bonham and Ian Little for their willingness to accept new responsibilities in the offices of Vice-president and Treasurer respectively.

Any Other Business:

Junior Chess

Reg Harvey raised the issue of the slow loss of interest and members from clubs around the state the lack of junior progression from school chess to club chess. Denis McMahon noted that this is an ongoing issue that the TCA discusses periodically but no definite workable solutions has yet been found. It was noted that the DCC had 2 junior members, the BCC had none, but both the LCC and HCC had strong but sometimes inconsistent junior presences for club nights. It was noted that very few juniors participate in tournaments outside of club nights.

Denis McMahon noted that he produced printed materials for Chess Kids tournaments which had been dispersed. No follow up was performed and it was unclear if these materials had any effect, but it was noted that in principle the TCA would benefit from a consistent presence at Chess Kids events with materials for students. Such materials should direct them to the TCA website and their local clubs contact person. Discussion led to the agreement that Christine Rumley, Andrew Rumley, or a school representative could take and disperse materials when William Rumley competes in school tournaments.

ACTION ITEM: Ian Little to develop materials for printing and dispersion at Chess Kids events.

Ian Little noted that he had started compiling a list of e-mail addresses for schools around the state to which information can be sent. He noted that he’d completed the colleges and high schools, but that there were many more primary schools to be added. Ian noted that these e-mail addresses should be added to our existing mailing lists, or even a specific schools/junior list so information can be circulated.

It was noted that in Tasmania more benefit would arise from developing personal relationships with schools and chess enthusiastic teachers within schools. However, this generalised e-mail approach could act as an initial contact method as developing relationships takes time, and teachers often move around, and school priorities change.

Denis McMahon noted that the TCA had previously passed in principle the idea of creating regional chess coordinators who are contactable through the TCA website. Ian noted that the junior chess page is active with links to honour boards etc. but the remaining content had not been decided on. Once the content had been decided on and approved, the appropriate forms and contacts could be added.

Glen Gibbs Award Committee

Kevin Bonham noted that he’d been informed by Ian Little that a consequence of his acceptance of the Vice-presidency could be that he would automatically replace Ian Little on the committee for determining the winner of the Glen Gibbs award.

Denis McMahon noted that had positions remained unchanged the sub-committee consisting of Denis McMahon (President), Ian Little (Vice-president), and Christine Rumley (Junior Chess Officer) would have consulted with Kevin to ensure we were acting within our mandate. In that knowledge Denis asked Kevin Bonham if he had any objections to the sub-committee remain unchanged despite the new positions held by its members. If was agreed without a formal motion that would be the case.

Rating LCC Tournaments

Ian Little raised the issue that the TCA had noted the LCC had not been submitting club based tournaments for ratings rating. Aidan Cox informed the meeting that the most recent tournament was rated using the Tornello system. When asked, Aidan also noted the LCC had a Swiss Perfect license but not a Vega licence. Kevin Bonham noted that acquiring a Vega license should not be a problem.

Ian Little noted that because the LCC has many juniors it was preferable to have local tournaments rated in the ACF system so as many juniors could acquire a lasting ACF rating that can be used in other tournaments. Ian noted that for this to occur all the LCC had to do was operate the tournaments in either Swiss Perfect or Vega, and then submit the appropriate files to the TCA ratings officer Kevin Bonham.

Denis McMahon reminded the LCC that all ratings charges are covered by the TCA.

Advertising Funds

Ian Little asked the meeting the TCA would be prepared to allocate approximately $30 per tournament for advertising on Facebook. Ian informed the meeting that he recent experiences with advertising Long-Steps events he felt that paying for more Facebook exposure for the TCA and all TCA events was an avenue worth investigating.

The general principle is that once a post or event is created on Facebook there is a “boost” option in which you can provide account details and pay for increased exposure of that post or event. You can pay as little as $1 per day and this will place a “sponsored” add onto peoples Facebook feed who aren’t already affiliated with the TCA Facebook page.

It was noted that to break even on the expense ($30) then 2 extra junior entries, or 1 extra adult entry is all that would be required, and any extra exposure beyond that is a bonus. It was noted that there are options for targeting people and places to suit the TCA’s or individual tournament’s needs.

Denis McMahon noted he was in favour of trailing this for the State Championship in March, noting that the funds should come from the prize pool as a cost of running the tournament. It was also noted that with $50 saved from not registering in the ACF GP these funds could be redirected to advertising with great effect.

MOTION (Ian) That the TCA approve a trial $50 budget for advertising the 2018 State Championships with a review of efficacy to be held at the 2018 AGM. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

ACTION ITEM: Ian Little to advertise the 2018 TCA Chess Championships using Facebook to a value not exceeding $50 and assess results.

Bank Account Assessment

Ian Little asked for permission to investigate the prospect of changing bank accounts (if necessary) to an establishment with no fees and charges, and then to investigate the possibility of acquiring a TCA Debit Card which could ultimately be linked to a PayPal account for use on the TCA website, and to provide alternate and updated methods of purchasing and paying for goods and services.

MOTION (Ian) That the TCA grant the treasurer authority to investigate banking options for the TCA. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

ACTION ITEM: Ian Little to investigate banking options for the TCA and report to the TCA executive at the next meeting.

2018 State Championship Venue

Denis McMahon raised the issue of the state of venue arrangements for the 2018 State Championships. He informed the meeting that following the 2017 AGM Aidan Cox had agreed to approach St Patricks school in Launceston to negotiate a potential location if conditions were suitable. Launceston College was noted as being less suitable due to lighting, although an alternate area was highlighted as a potential location.

Denis noted Aidan’s initial contact with St Patricks with thanks. Aidan noted a meeting for further discussions was scheduled for the 27th of July. Denis McMahon called for suggestions and inputs for Aidan to take to that meeting. The following points were raised as preferences for the event:

  • the venue be offered free of charge;
  • the lighting, heating, and security arrangements allow for evening events;
  • a second room for analysis;
  • tea and coffee making facilities, with fridge;
  • access to toilets; and
  • car parking spaces.

Denis McMahon noted that if, for whatever reason, the 2018 TCA Chess Championships cannot be held in Launceston, then the DCC would be happy to host the event in Devonport, but the preference remains the central location of Launceston.

Denis recommended to the meeting that because of the timeline and preference for venues to be locked in before the end of the school year, that the TCA allows Aidan to negotiate with St Patricks and report back to the TCA via e-mail. From this point relevant motions regarding the venue arrangements, be they in Launceston or Devonport, will be circulated for consideration. An agreement was struck with the support of the meeting for Aidan to contact Denis directly via phone or Facebook following the scheduled meeting by early August. Ian little noted that any formal hire agreements can be forwarded to him for signature and the TCA’s records. It was also noted that for insurance purposes, all agreements would be between the TCA and the venue, not the LCC.