TCA Minutes 19th of November 2017

Meeting held in Launceston, 19th of November 2017 after the Launceston Cup




  • Denis McMahon (President)
  • Ian Little (Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster)
  • Aidan Cox (LCC Delegate)
  • Niruruthi Ravichandren (Observer)


  • Kevin Bonham
  • Reg Harvey
  • Christine Rumley


Pursuant to rule 18.4 of the TCA constitution a quorum of 4 must be present at an executive meeting. Therefore as a matter of procedure the chairperson (Denis McMahon) executed his right under rule 18.6 to adjourn the executive meeting at 1315h on the 19th of November 2017 as being inquorate, to be reconvened at 1345h on the 19th of November 2017.






The minutes of the previous TCA executive meeting (23rd of July 2017) were circulated via e-mail prior to the meeting. No amendments were notified; the minutes were accepted as read and correct.

Matters arising:

  • Ian Little Liaise with Kevin Bonham on the most recent version of all documents relating to the ACF’s Code of Ethics and where to find them.

Kevin Bonham has provided information via email on the status of the ACF’s Code of Ethics.

  • Ian Little to write to David Walsh and/or his MONA liaison and open relations between MONA and the TCA. – Ongoing
  • Ian Little, in consultation with Denis McMahon, to draft a set of TCA Event Guidelines for presentation to the TCA Executive. – Ongoing
  • Ian Little to incorporate appropriate references and/or links to all relevant ACF Code of Ethics documents in the draft of the TCA Event Guidelines, and on the TCA website once the TCA Event Guidelines have been approved and adopted. – Ongoing
  • Ian Little to advertise the 2018 TCA Chess Championships using Facebook to a value not exceeding $50 and assess results. – Ongoing

A broad deadline of the March AGM was agreed for all points listed above.

  • Ian Little to develop materials for printing and dispersion at Chess Kids events. – Ongoing

Denis McMahon noted he had brief discussions with the juniors at the recent Chess Kids finals and informed them of the website and local clubs. Ian Little agreed to produce some draft print materials for further discussion at the 2018 AGM. Denis McMahon noted the regional co-ordinator information was yet to be placed on the TCA website.

  • Ian Little to investigate banking options for the TCA and report to the TCA executive at the next meeting. – Ongoing

Ian Little noted this process for investigating alternate banking options had been delayed due to difficulties gaining appropriate signatory rights to the TCA’s current CBA accounts. Once this process has been followed and the issues rectified Ian will commence the investigation of other banking options.

  • 2018 State Championship Venue

Aidan Cox confirmed he had been in contact with St Patrick’s and they had agreed to allow the TCA to host the 2018 Tasmanian Championships at their campus. All conditions laid out in previous meetings would be met, and there was no discussion of a hire fee. One point of concern was the long weekend’s proximity to the Tasmanian state election, but it was agreed that it would be unlikely the election would be held on the long weekend itself. It was agreed a formal hire agreement between the TCA and St Patricks must be in place to protect all parties.

Motions Moved in Advance:


Any Other Business:

2018 Tournament Calendar

Denis McMahon posed the following dates for tournaments in 2018:

  • Tasmanian State Championships – March 10, 11, 12 in Launceston;
  • Tony Sturges Memorial – April 25 in Hobart;
  • Tasmanian Open – June 9, 10, 11 in Burnie;
  • Latrobe Chocolate Chess Competition – August 12;
  • Tasmanian Rapid Championships – August 18, 19 in Hobart;
  • Tasmanian Lightning Championships – August 18 in Hobart;
  • Burnie Shines – October 21, 22 in Burnie (TBC); and
  • Launceston Cup – November 24, 25 in Launceston (TBC).

MOTION (Denis) That the meeting confirm the previously discussed dates as the official 2018 TCA Calendar subject to the “to be confirmed” statuses of the Burnie Shines and Launceston Cup events. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Devonport Chess Club Closure

Denis McMahon noted that numbers at the DCC were down to a point where it was very likely the DCC would go into recess in 2018. He noted his wishes for all DCC webpages to remain as a historical reference and a method of contacting him should anyone in the area be looking for chess information.

2018 Tasmanian Open, and Tasmanian Rapid and Lightning Championship Formats

Denis McMahon noted that because it was likely the DCC would enter recess in 2018, it was no longer fair and equitable to those who travel to play in the Tasmanian Rapid Championship (traditionally held in Devonport) to continue to travel to Devonport when there was no active club in the area and local participation would likely be very low as a percentage of entrants.

Denis went on to recommend the Tasmanian Rapid Championship be hosted on a rotating basis between Hobart and Burnie, on the understanding Launceston would retain the Tasmanian Classical Championship each year. He went on to suggest that the annual Devonport Lightning Championship could be replaced with the Tasmanian Lightning Championship, currently held during the Tasmanian Open. This would allow for the Tasmanian Open to be held as a 7 round tournament in an identical fashion to the Tasmanian Classical Championships.

Further discussion highlighted that because the Tasmanian Open is held during winter it would be beneficial to trial the event as a 6 round tournament with a 2, 3, 1 game per day format. Round times would start at the same time as the Tasmanian Championships with 1 game less on the final day. This would allow competitors to travel during day light on both Saturday morning and Monday afternoon. It was agreed to trial this structure in 2018 and review it after the event.