TCA Minutes 19th of August, 2018


Meeting held in Hobart, 19th of August 2018 after the Tasmanian Rapid Championship




• Denis McMahon (President)

• Kevin Bonham (Vice-President)

• Ian Little (Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster)

• Ian Rout (BCC Delegate)

• Alex Nagy (HCC Delegate)

• Kam Lee (Observer)

• Albert Chin (Observer)

• Tan Thanh Nugyen (Observer)


• Christine Rumley


The minutes of the previous TCA executive meetings (19 rd of November 2017, and 5 th of February

2018) were circulated via e-mail prior to the meeting. No amendments were notified; the minutes

were accepted as read and correct.

Matters arising:





Denis McMahon informed the meeting of an approach made to him by Jérôme Pirotais regarding an

idea to establish a Tasmanian Allegro Grand Prix. Denis, as TCA president, gave Jérôme authority to

solicit sponsorship on behalf of the TCA to be used in this pursuit. Denis informed the meeting that

the matter had been left with Jérôme being asked to present a plan for his ideas to Denis and the TCA.

Ian Little and Jérôme were to consult on the matter at the HCC, but due to a combination of absences

and the HCC Club Championships this consultation has not yet occurred. As such the overall Grand

Prix concept has not progressed at this stage.

Denis commented that while the TCA did agree to raise the potential of a Grand Prix at the next

opportunity, it was very difficult to have meaningful discussions about the project without knowing

some more details about the exact nature of the intended setup. The broad nature of the Grand Prix

as mentioned in the initial communications between Jérôme and Denis indicated a structure

composed of 4 or 5 one day tournaments, each with a time control of 13+2.

Further general discussion led to the agreement that following the submission of a more formal

proposal, an AGM was the correct forum to discuss the project further and gain input from general


ACTION ITEM: Ian Little to approach Jérôme Pirotais and invite him to present a Grand Prix proposal

to the TCA for discussion at the 2019 AGM.


Vega vs Swiss Perfect.

Denis McMahon indicated that Kevin Bonham had approached him regarding the use of Swiss Perfect

at future TCA event, and intended to move a motion to formally retire the use Swiss Perfect in favour

of Vega.

Kevin noted that Swiss Perfect is now 20 years out of date and did not work correctly when it was

created. Kevin went on to site incorrect pairings in rounds 7, 8, and 9 from the previous nights

Tasmanian Lightning Championships.

Moved Bonham

That Vega be used for all future Tasmanian Championships, Tasmanian Opens, Tasmanian

Rapid Championships, and Tasmanian Lightning Championships.

Motion carried unanimously.

Tasmanian Rapid Championships

Denis McMahon reminded the meeting of decisions made at the 2017 AGM regarding the structure

and entry fees for TCA tournaments, including the Tasmanian Rapid Championships, and noted that

this was reviewed annually at each AGM. Denis pointed out that preceding these motions he had

discussions with Martin Friebe from the Launceston club regarding the entry fees for juniors. As a

result, the entry fees for juniors were significantly reduced for the Tasmanian Championships and

Tasmanian Open.

Denis noted that the same fee reduction was not applied to the Tasmanian Rapid Championship,

which is run as a fundraising event, with all competitor’s entry fees set at $30. Denis then informed

the meeting that as a result of increased venue hire costs for the 2018 Tasmanian Rapid Championship,

Ian Little put a motion to the TCA Executive to increase the entry fees for the 2018 Tasmanian Rapid

Championship to $35 per player.

Denis then informed the meeting of comments made by Martin Friebe regarding the 2018 Tasmanian

Rapid Championship on Facebook. The comments were described as “quite disparaging” towards Ian

Little, and denoted that he (Martin) was doing his best to promote chess in Launceston and Tasmania

he could not promote this event (the 2018 Tasmanian Rapid Championship) because juniors were

getting “ripped off”. Denis informed the meeting that as a result of these correspondences he had

written to Martin and informed him of the history of the matter, including the LCC’s delegate support

for the relevant motions at previous AGM’s and Executive meetings, and expressed his personal

support for a review of the matters at the appropriate time. Denis assured Martin the issue would be

raised at the next Executive meeting. However, Denis also expressed to Martin that in his opinion

conducting a review of the entry fees 2 days prior to the commencement of the event was entirely

inappropriate. Denis also urged Martin to apologise to Ian Little for the tone of some of the remarks

made via social media and through subsequent e-mail communications.

Discussion of the matter led to general agreement that the most appropriate arena to resolve the

issues raised will be the 2019 AGM. Several points leading to this agreement sited the fact that the

current meeting had no Launceston chess club delegates or observers, and the main proponent was

also not in attendance. It was noted that as the next AGM is scheduled to be held in Launceston it

would be much easier for either Martin on his own behalf, or a delegate of the LCC to attend the

meeting and put forth their grievances, ideas, and recommendations. It was also noted that an AGM

would allow for a general member vote on the issues raised, not just an executive vote, and that due

to this fact it was also somewhat unusual for an executive to overturn the decisions of an AGM unless

there are extenuating circumstances.

ACTION ITEM: Denis McMahon to write to Martin Friebe following the release of the minutes of this

meeting, informing him of the executive’s decisions regarding this matter.

Published Contact Details

Kam Lee raised the issue of no phone numbers being published on the TCA website, and sited previous

discussions with Ian Little regarding the TCA’s privacy policy. Kam asked Ian if he believed having a

published phone number would be advantageous. Ian Little informed the meeting that in his opinion

having a digital contact form was sufficient, and that most people were very used to dealing with this

form of initial contact. In Ian’s opinion, having a published phone number would not increase the

number of communications to the TCA or clubs, but would increase cold calls from agencies who scan

website for phone numbers.

Ian sited his personal experience from publishing his phone number online for business purposes, and

the increased call traffic from marketing and charity organisations. Ian noted he was not against a

review of the privacy policy preventing the publishing of phone numbers, but would strongly argue

that publishing personal numbers online was not a good idea and would not achieve the outcomes


2019 Tasmanian Open, Rapid Championships, and Lightning Championships Locations

Denis noted that in 2019 the Tasmanian Rapid and Lightning Championships were loosely scheduled

to be held in Burnie, with the Tasmanian Open to be held in Hobart. Denis asked Ian Rout to consult

with Reg Harvey on Burnie’s ability and interest in hosting the 2019 Tasmanian Rapid and Lightning

Championships at around the same time in August 2019.

Denis went on to ask for comments regarding the suitability of Area 52 as a venue for when the

Tasmanian Rapid and Lightning were scheduled to return to Hobart in 2020. Discussion noted that

overall the increased noise at the venue from other games players was not an issue, but the increased

noise from fellow chess players was distracting. It was suggested that if the fundraising nature of the

tournament was changed, then a quieter venue may be required to give players the best setting to

play for cash prizes.

Levies and Members List Reminder

Ian Little reminded the meeting that the TCA for many reasons, including insurance coverage and

ratings, requires an up-to-date members list. Ian has been in contact with all affiliated TCA clubs and

thanked Burnie and Hobart for their payments, but noted that extracting information on who clubs

have paid for, along with some basic information was an ongoing issue. Ian urged club delegates to go

back to their clubs and talk to the club’s secretaries, presidents, or who ever is in charge of these issues

within their club and impress upon them the importance of keeping an up-to-date register.

When asked, Ian informed the meeting that while being in touch with Kerry Beeton, the LCC was yet

to pay their membership levies.

ACTION ITEM: Ian Little to stay in contact with Kerry Beeton regarding LCC levies and members list

and report to Denis McMahon as required.