TCA AGM Minutes 10th of March 2003

Annual General Meeting held in Burnie, 10th of March 2003, following the Tasmanian Open Championships

Meeting Opened:



  • L. Minol (President)
  • K. Bonham (Secretary)
  • O. Machuca (LCC)
  • G. Richards (HICC)
  • N. Ledger(BCC)
  • T. Salter


  • R. Harvey(Junior Chess)


Minutes of the AGM of 11/3/02 were taken as read.

Matters Arising:


Flying Minute:

Noted that the TCA Executive on 12/12/02 passed by email the following:

MOVED Reg Harvey that the postponed Tasmanian Open Championships recently held in Hobart be ratified.  CARRIED 4-0 (1 declared abstention)

Correspondence In:

  1. Phil Donnelly on behalf of some members of the Burnie Chess Club, 7 Nov 2002 – complaint re postponement of Tasmanian Open (2 items)

Kevin Bonham commented that in his view the comments about the TCA website in the above item were unreasonable, and an unfair reflection on webmaster David Christian who had nothing whatsoever to do with the cause of the postponement of the Open.

Tony Salter commented that he had not been able to find information on the postponement on the website the night before the event.  Kevin Bonham agreed to find out when the website was updated but commented that as the cancellation only occurred at very short notice there may not have been enough time to update the site prior to the event.  Difficulties of contacting potential entrants who have not formally entered events were further discussed, Neville Ledger suggesting that it is reasonable to expect prospective entrants to express interest in the event (preferably by entering) in order to be contacted in the event of a schedule change.

Correspondence Out:

  1. TCA Executive and Phil Donnelly, 7 Nov 2002 – re above
  2. Phil Donnelly, 9 Nov 2002 – re above
  3. TCA Executive, 12 Dec 2002 – notification of vote result

Election of office bearers

MOVED Ledger that all officebearers be re-elected. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

General Business:

TCA Constitution:

Leo Minol tabled two papers outlining two slightly different versions of proposed constitutional changes for consideration over coming months.  It was considered that the only issue of immediate urgency was clarification of the status of the Tasmanian Open Championships.  Members were invited to take papers back to their clubs for further discussion.

MOVED Bonham that:

  1. The event known as the Tasmanian Open Championships be renamed as the Tasmanian Open.
  2. The TCA affirms that the Open is to be regarded as the most prestigious event on the state calendar excluding the Tasmanian Closed Championships
  3. The event is not considered a state title for the purposes of TCA Constitution section 4(c)(ii).  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


It was suggested that financial statements should be available at each AGM.

National Conference:

Kevin Bonham reported on the ACF National Conference at which former ACF President Graeme Gardiner acted as delegate for Tasmania.  The possibility of subsidising Tasmanian delegates to always be able to attend was discussed but Kevin Bonham suggested it would not be worth the money.

Australian Championships:

Further informal discussion on the logistics of Tasmania holding an Australian Championships at some stage in the future, given the existence of tourism subsidies.


Kevin Bonham advised the TCA that he would not be acting as playing arbiter in major events for the foreseeable future.

Meeting Closed: