TCA AGM Minutes 14th of March 2011

Meeting held in Launceston, 14th of March 2011, after the Tasmanian Championships

Meeting Opened:

1:20 pm


  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary and acting chair)
  • Leo Minol (Treasurer),
  • David Hughes (BCC),
  • Michael Lucht (LCC)


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Lawrence Bretag (Vice-President)


Minutes of previous meeting were confirmed.


None discussed

President’s Report:

Written report by President Graham Richards was tabled.  Graham noted generational change with NW juniors moving on to tertiary study, and time change to 6:30 at HICC to try to increase junior/senior crossover.  Graham noted the results of Alastair Dyer (1st Tas Champs, 1st Tas Lightning, =1st Tas Open with Tony Dowden) in the last year and the award of the Koshnitsky Medal for Chess Administration to Kevin Bonham, and thanked outgoing Executive members Leo Minol and Dylan Kuzmic.  President’s Report approved (Hughes/Lucht, carried unanimously)

Treasurers Report:

Tabled showing current balance of $5797.72 of which $1305.41 in general account and $4492.31 in junior account.  Leo discussed how the process of invoicing clubs for ratings fees only after invoiced by the ACF had simplified handling of ratings fees.  Treasurer’s Report approved (Minol/Hughes, carried unanimously)

Kevin moved a vote of thanks to Leo for his work as TCA Treasurer

Election of Officebearers

The following were all elected unopposed

  • President                                 Graham Richards
  • Vice-President*                      Lawrence Bretag
  • Secretary                                 Kevin Bonham
  • Treasurer                                David Hughes
  • Junior Chess Officer*            Russell Horton
  • Webmaster*                           Ross George
  • Ratings Officer                       (vacant)

*= subject to willingness to continue.  Kevin agreed to act as ratings officer until next meeting.

General Business:

Tournament Levy:

Moved Hughes/Minol that per-event TCA weekender levies be set at $80 flat rate per tournament.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


Kevin noted that it is sometimes unclear whether club tournaments will be rated or not and whether they are being submitted.  He suggested that club events should always be submitted for ratings if results are available unless the TCA has been advised an event is not to be rated.  Events do not have to be complete to be submitted for ratings provided there is a cutoff date but it was agreed that events that are less than half complete are generally not worth submitting.

Public Liability:

Michael enquired about the extent of TCA public liability cover.  Kevin answered that TCA cover extends to TCA events but not internal club events thus clubs are responsible for their own arrangements.  It was agreed that where clubs wish to hold weekend rapids with the knowledge of the TCA these shall constitute TCA events for public liability purposes.

Meeting closed:

1:55 pm