TCA AGM Minutes 10th of March 2014

Meeting held in Hobart, 10th of March 2014, after the Tasmanian Championships

Meeting Opened:

12:45 pm


(Positions as at start of meeting)

  • Russell Horton (President),
  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary/Ratings),
  • David Hughes (Treasurer),
  • Ian Little (Vice-President),
  • Denis McMahon, Dylan Kuzmic


  • Mellissa Harvey (Junior Chess),
  • Carey Kuzmic (Burnie)


Minutes of the previous meeting of March 2013 were confirmed.

Election of Officebearers:

All the following were elected unopposed.

  • President: Denis McMahon
  • Vice-President: Ian Little
  • Secretary: Kevin Bonham
  • Treasurer: David Hughes
  • Rating Officer: Kevin Bonham
  • Junior Chess Officer: Mellissa Harvey
  • Webmaster: deferred - vacant

Denis McMahon took the chair.

Treasurer's Report:

David reported a loss of around $600 with income of $1297 and costs of $1883.  Balance was $1938.  Burnie Club have paid levy. 

Levy was clarified at $10/member and $5/junior member.  It was clarified that players who were not members of a club could pay $10 once a year when entering a weekender to pay the levy.  Kevin raised the issue of the Hobart club's tendency to collect memberships through the year and it was agreed the Hobart club could pay the levy in arrears based on the previous year's numbers

It was discussed that insurance may have become unnecessary with tournaments now being played in schools.

Perpetual Trustees are closing their Cash Management Fund, used for the Glen Gibbs Award and there may be marginal differences in interest rates when it is moved.

General Business:

Tasmanian Rapid Championships:

Resolved to create a Tasmanian Rapid Championships title and hold inaugural event as a fundraiser with book prizes.  David and Denis to explore hosting by Devonport club.


The Hobart club will host a Tony Sturges Memorial prize tournament on Anzac Day.  The Tasmanian Senior title will be named in honour of Graham Richards with a perpetual trophy to be obtained.

TCA model:

Ian outlined a proposal for a collaborative club model aimed at combining club and TCA issues to reduce overall running costs and share resources.  This would involve the TCA functioning as an umbrella organisation of all clubs with clubs becoming branches of the TCA.  The question of constitutional issues for clubs was discussed but neither Hobart nor Burnie has a constitution.  Matter noted for further mention.


Critical issues are keeping the website up to date and finding a webmaster.  It was agreed that we should pay for a new website, possibly up to $1000, and hold tournaments to fundraise specifically for this purpose.  Other ideas were to approach clubs informally for payments towards web costs and to see if Mason Carter might be interested in being involved. 

Meeting Closed:

1:30 pm