TCA AGM Minutes 11th of March 2013

Meeting held in Hobart, 11th of March 2013, after the Tasmanian Championships

Meeting Opened:

12:15 pm


(Positions as at start of meeting)

  • Kevin Bonham (Secretary/Ratings),
  • David Hughes (Treasurer),
  • Neil Markovitz (HICC Delegate),
  • Russell Horton (BCC),
  • Mellissa Harvey (Junior Chess),
  • Ian Little (HICC),
  • Kam Lee (Observer)


  • Graham Richards (President),
  • Carey Kuzmic (BCC Delegate),
  • Tom Saltmarsh (HICC Delegate),
  • Dallas Fry (LCC Delegate)

Russell Horton was elected unopposed to chair the meeting in the absence of both President and Vice-President.


Minutes of the previous meeting of March 2012 were confirmed.


None discussed

Treasurers Report:

David tabled annual report showing current funds of $2,298.22 .

The Glen Gibbs memorial trust fund ($2000 and not included in funds) has been established.

Members discussed the problems with funding costs, primarily insurance, because of the decline in the number of weekend tournaments.

MOVED Little/Markovitz that from 1/1/2014 a levy scheme be created in which affiliated clubs will pay the TCA $10 adult/$5 junior per member/year.  These amounts are to be nominally added to entry fees for weekenders but will be discounted if the player is a member of a paying club.  Interstate players need to be members of interstate club or state association to avoid paying levy.  Secretary to write to all clubs explaining changes and discussing benefits to clubs of membership of TCA.


MOVED Harvey/Hughes that $230.50 Tasmanian Juniors profits be transferred to TCA junior funds.   


Treasurers Report accepted (carried unanimously).

Junior Chess Report:

Hobart International Junior Chess Club report was tabled showing 27 members.  Other clubs at Devonport High School (run by David Hughes, BCC, 20+ juniors have played) and independent Mind Moves CC (Launceston, 21 players)

Chesskids interschool attracted 1200 entrants from 50 schools with 123 from 20 schools contesting primary section and 70 from 11 secondary.

Mellissa discussed the problem with lack of title recognition for the best players at the strongest junior event. 

RESOLVED That TCA discuss with David Cordover (Chess Kids) seeking agreement to allow strong players from non-qualifying schools to contest finals.  If this is agreed then TCA to create individual title Tasmanian Rapid Junior Champion from 2013.

RESOLVED That starting 2014 Tasmanian Junior Champion titles in sections Open U18, Open U12, Girls U18, Girls U12 be awarded from Tasmanian Championship results subject to a minimum of 2 entries per section. 

Election Of Officebearers:

The following were elected unopposed:

  • President: Russell Horton
  • Vice-President: Ian Little
  • Secretary: Kevin Bonham
  • Treasurer: David Hughes
  • Webmaster: Held over, see below
  • Ratings Officer: Kevin Bonham
  • Junior Chess Officer: Mellissa Harvey

Webmaster:  To be discussed with Daniel Wood to see whether he would be interested in taking position on.

General Business:

Discussions were held about the possibility of the following events:

  • State Interclub
  • Exploring Skype (or similar) technology to enable participation in weekend tournaments at a distance.
  • Rapid day tournaments.

Encouragement to hold events to be included in letter to clubs.

Meeting Closed:

1:40 pm.